Forza 3 tuning calculator

The link to the beta is here: Want to add to the discussion? ForzaCruises - Cruising Drifting Drag. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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And am I assuming correctly that this only works when you have all the parts installed? ForzaCruises - Cruising Drifting Drag. Full car list with performance figures and prices.

Forza Tune Calculator

Adjust strength and front bias at your own risk. Sunday, October 7, 9: Sunday, October 7, 8: RedditRacing - Racing Competitive.

As others said it really is a mix of driver, car and track. Suspension input modifiers for tweaking the strength and front bias for individual suspension parts that will get you one step closer to that perfect tune. On the transmission I had to adjust the final drive some, but I know forz can be attributed to the accuracy of the information I'm pulling from the game.

Overview Features Cars World Media.

I didn't need a single adjustment. No karma-baiting post titles, e.

BGCOM Forza Tuning Calculator BETA - Tuner's Garage - Forza Motorsport Forums

Keep up the great work Lou! Just looking for something that can give me a base to start off with. I did an AWD swap and the differential settings looked aggressive, but it worked perfectly. The suspension was spot on perfect. Automatic gear spreader formula calculatot actually works!. Took about 6 months to build, but people are enjoying it so far.

The latest version ForzaTune 7 is now out and tailors every tune to the car and even the track if you want. I find it useful for that. Print area enabled so you can print out your setup and make notes. I'll give those a try next.

There will be a Calculator for Forza Motorsport 4 soon. Follow the comments inside the modifier cells for guidance to that tweak you are looking for.

What is the best Tuning Calculator? : forza

Want to add to the discussion? What is the best Tuning Calculator? The link to the beta is here: Its shown on the confirmation-Screen if you purchase Wheels. Forza related content only.

And it has some easy ways to customize for driver preference. Join our Discord Server! Wednesday, October 10, 1: Overview Features Cars Tracks. Option of selecting calculatoor 4 — 6 gear transmissions.

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