Duplicity beyond the lies full

The road to discovering the truth is what makes each character stands out and I was surprised by just how much I cared for their mental and physical well-being by the end. October 22, 0. Returning to where you were last on this page

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This also leaves the character sprites in a very odd position: Good news on the Western Front!

dUpLicity ~Beyond the Lies~

On the offset this looks like just another boy chasing game and to be fair there is a romantic element to Duplicity. Every path in one way or another backhands her with the uncomfortable reality that the men she can develop feelings for are nearly damaged beyond repair. Opinions are Steve's, Facts are Mine.

All lie are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. The otome bourgeois pigs are shrinking in fear of the elevation of yours truly as your Commissar in our eternal fight against their overbearing, sugary romance! Duplicity clocks in at about seven hours total to unlock all fifteen endings.

Once you hit the second half of the VN, the schedule leaves and we return to the familiar setup of watching the story unfold and only stepping in at vital points. While its weaknesses are noticeable, there is still a lot of fun and thinking tied into Duplicity that will entertain otome fans while serving as a nice distraction for the hte EVN player.

dUpLicity ~Beyond the Lies~ Free Download

Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. There you step into the shoes of Yukina Kudou: Most popular community and official content for the past week. Founder of VNs Now. Kouichi Serizawa, to monitor Youji who is actually a clone of the good doctor.

Duplicity: Beyond the Lies Review

I assume this is a false positive but I'd like to hear some other people and Normal Bad Ending and Scientist Ending. Despite that, the story plays out in an interesting and very human way. Can you add an option so that everyone who has redeemed a desura key will also get a steam key?

And again, being fair to Duplicity, her actions are true to life and make her a much stronger character than what you would expect from other otome heroines. When I read this, I laughed my ass off because I was under the impression at the time that no game would make your objective to stalk a guy until he goes out with you.

Different with the usual dating sims, the main purpose of the game is to find out the truth hidden in the past.

Farewell with the Tale".

This is abundantly clear in the special event CGs that are hit and miss for the large part. Steam key for desura buyers?

Duplicity takes place, as many of these titles do, in a high school in Japan. All and all, it works.

The road to discovering the truth is what makes each character stands out and I was surprised by just how much I cared for their mental and physical well-being by the end. Fulo, I know your spirit and I know are resisting their wickedness: October 8, 3. Take up your arms are we strike at their latest tbe attack: You know me folks: Oh how bloody wrong I was.

I literally knew where the game was going from a throw-away line early on: Is there any way to remedy th October 22, 0.

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