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You are all welcome here. A big thanks to all of you guys who are supporting me with this game and all my other games. I have all crimelifes, and they are pretty cool! Luccas December 12, at Posted by Sakis25 at

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Crime Life is a free roaming third person shooter where you have a choice to follow the story or just roam the city looking for secrets, hijacking cars and killing pedestrians, but beware of the cops, they will come after you. Matthew December 13, at 6: Yame really like your games and I'm looking forward to more in the future: PushPin September 21, at Hariom Kumar May 22, at D and oife try to see if i can fix it myself, if not i will play guns and spurs or other games: Hello Sakis25 i'm brazilian and I really like your games, they are wonderful.

I love your phone menu, great idea!

I know u have a life to live and got other things to do,but i like covert ops games and i was wondering if u could make a game called project lockdown,it would be like splinter cell and syphon fillter in one game. Ultimatexsin June 25, at 5: In the Crimelife games, you explore a huge city, gunning down cops and pedestrians, carjacking, crashing and generally having fun with the freedom of the game.

Extract all the contents from the. Mandi2 April 2, at You should add both game's weapon together.

Today game development is my second job, still with the same passion and excitement. I had an idea to make a version in Portuguese of crimelife 3.

Keep in mind I only want to help you because your games are very good and you can do much better. If you like the idea, I agme translate to spanish too If you accept, contact me: The Gaming Jackoo September 9, at 9: Tanks and army included plus 5 stars wanted level and "Car Theft" Sidejobs! Ask some money for untiy3D with your birthday, and you'll get there!

Crimelife 3

There you use C and javascript to script the game. I also think you should having inner buildings like crimelife 2. To remember this is my e-mail: John, to stop the noise you have to find the source of it where it is loud and clear and an error, like a car stuck inside the other, or trapped inside a building or something like that, then just get the car out of it if you can not take it out blow it up.

I have a few suggestions to add.

Crime Life 3 is the third instalment of the crime life series. Luccas December 12, at Nov 18, Crimelife 3. I would just like to have in your pea that I would transfer its logo and underneath written transfer games and if necessary I also intermediate almost professional drime GMK.

Please leave some comment after download. SuperHacker December 28, at 4: I have all crimelifes, and they are pretty cool! We can translate it, and it will be more sucessfull HI,sakis25 U should make crimelife3 co-op split screen. Your graphics are good but not perfect

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