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Eat Stop Eat may be less confusing and more straightforward than diets in which you have to limit an entire food group, like fat or carbs. View all 10 comments. Learn why the real Eat Stop Eat lifestyle is so actually easy to accomplish and also maintain for long time.

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He makes a compelling case, based on research evidence, that not only are the commonly held beliefs about fasting utter nonsense you only lose water weight, you'll "ruin your metabolism", you'll go into "starvation mode", ezt is the most important meal, you'll lose your muscle, you must eat every 3 hours or you'll explode, etc.

I don't need to be on a diet. I went back to 90 after a year of being a slacker and eating all the time. And for people who say they get "cranky" or "low blood sugar" when they fast You do not have to avoid any specific foods, such as carbs; in fact, Pilon says a low-carb diet on non-fasting days may negatively affect your energy levels.

How many actual hours into a fast will it actually take to start really burning stored fat?

I love this book, fasting save your life. The combination of caloric restriction with resistance exercises has been proven to be very effective at preserving your muscle mass. Sep 04, Tomas Conefrey rated it really liked it. In a study just published in the Journal of Obesity, researchers examined the effects of losing 25 pounds on 94 women who either: How to Follow Dr. I cannot find this book anywhere to buy? The author seems to be a scientifically-minded person who is a legitimate expert on nutrition and fat loss.

Ian's Phase 1 of the Fat Smash Diet. Brad Pilon did a great job laying the scientific foundation of intermittent fasting, busting all kindz of myths surrounding this subject and exploiting the massive amount of brainwashing the market is pumping, from turning hunger into a learned response in the masses, to financing cherry picking researches to cover up on IF, just because they can't put fasting in a pill and sell it.

Jun 02, Apsara rated it it was amazing. I think that's not doable. My neighbor had just read this book and was experiencing very good results, so I decided to try the Eat Stop Eat system.

So, Why Intermittent Fasting? A disruptive idea disguised as spam. I do fall within my ideal bodyweight. What is the real ideal amount for time for a real fast? The point is if you are intermittent fasting, and resistance training while keeping your fasting diet flexible, you are doing it right.

Eat. Stop. Eat by Brad Pilon

I got I only gave this 3 stars instead of more because i found myself skimming through it quite a bit. A Followed a resistance training workout program B Followed an aerobic training program C Did not workout at all These women were asked to follow a diet consisting of Calories until they reduced their BMI down to less than What are the other real myths or real misconceptions of sat

Books by Brad Pilon. I am sure that any one who knows me would think, "Stefani does not need to be on a diet.

Eat Stop Eat: Best-Selling Book on Intermittent Fasting is Free Now!

Learn the real secret if women have actual special considerations for fasting? Pilon talks about Intermittent Fasting diet.

Jan 13, Ricky rated it really liked it. Take the next step, like I did, and start doing what he advocates and you'll see your weight lowed, your health markers improve and you'll even have extra time from not having to buy and prepare food in those fasting periods. The sort of thing you only really notice if you forgot to install an ad-blocker extension on your browser.

Intermittent Fasting Revolution

Full of good info about metabolism, how the body uses macronutrients, the science behind the benefits of fasting. If you get over your carefully nurtured distrust - et by years of ignoring those sort of web ads - and get the book you might be in for a big surprise. It's completely minimalist in its approach and requires very little effort. He's also the author of Eat Stop Eat.

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