Afternoon delight anchorman

I was just thinking the guy goes to see his girlfriend in the afternoon. I remember hearing that song when I was 8 years old in the back seat of the car, riding around with my parents. Will flat-out told me:

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What are you going to do?

We were definitely looking for the most annoying song to listen to over and over. The crew applauded when they were done. We played at Oral Roberts University, and after the show, two students escorted us around the campus.

Jon at the piano, Margot standing at the front, Taffy, and then me with a guitar.

Anchorman Afternoon Delight - Video Dailymotion

But some people hate it. Danny had his pedal steel running through a couple of effects, and it was like: It was so cool. I laid the words right into their groove, into that anchorjan. Jon Carroll, Starland Vocal Band: This oral history is adapted from an archival Washington Post article that was originally published in It was more complex and musically difficult than most afrernoon arrangements.

I damn near [wet] myself.

Afternoon Delight lyrics - Will Ferrell

afternlon Starland Vocal Band got one check in the spring of Bill wrote his best, we sang our best, and they were either going to like it or not like it. It was a magical record. A year later, I ran into a schoolmate from high school in Georgetown. My friend Mike Cotter backed up Bill and Taffy when we were in high school. Gerald Alston, Manhattans frontman: Heyyyy, wait a minute!

I [taught] a songwriting seminar at Georgetown. It had nothing to do with skyrockets, but it was just an interesting, original sound. It was one of those songs where everything just fell in place.

That was a nice touch of musicality. Since I ancorman been a schoolteacher, I liked to take my arrangements of hit songs and do chorales for schools. It was sort of a fluke No. Phil Ramone, engineer who died in Most of the time, the group sings together in harmony.

‘Skyrockets in flight/Afternoon delight’: The story behind Starland Vocal Band’s one big hit

They put the vocals down later. It definitely plays as an anachronism. Everybody has a story. But this song was a particularly hard one to do. I very rarely went too deep on the meaning.

We were the least hip thing. I was just thinking the guy goes to see his girlfriend in the afternoon. This band, when they performed, they delivered such a feeling of fun and exuberance.

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