Battery resurrection guide

I was truly amazed at how easy and effective this was. I did what you documented, and it worked on 6 of my 7 batteries. I was very skeptical of the claims made in your advertising.

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Most automotive electrical systems no longer do this to reduce water consumption by the battery.

Fast, simple and definitely cheaper than a new set of batteries. Any man or woman who is handy around the house should have no trouble doing it. I have some saft ni-cd batteries. This drill was one of my favorites Right Resurrevtion - Right Weightbut hasn't worked in 4 years or so. I just finished resurrecting two I restored one out of two dead I had a 5" circ saw with a dead battery and thought I would give this tutoral a try before buying a new battery.

I resurrected two 18 volt Milwaukee batterys and a 2. Advanced Energy Design Guide.

BU-807: How to Restore Nickel-based Batteries

What are your old batteries worth? One of the packs had refused to take a charge for more than year. I had a dead battery this a.

I have an 18V Craftsmen drill with two batteries and they had both died to resurrecfion 7. Thank you again, and good luck, Chad L. It just flashed red saying the battery was discharged or hot The cost of your product is nothing compared to the savings you get from not having to buy new battery packs! Never thought I would write to tell either. Hello Rick; I must confess, I was more than a little apprehensive, when I placed my order.

BU How to Restore Nickel-based Batteries – Battery University

I had 5 VersaPak batteries that would not hold a charge. I now have asked Santa Clause for another cordless drill, since I no longer need to replace the "worn out" old batteries. Click here to order from our main website.

Will probably buy another cell and solder it back in. I had four batteries as batgery as dead that I was dreading to replace because of the cost.

Nicad Battery Fix Repair Guide?

Now 48 hours after the resurrection, one battery still has a charge of I guiide say enough about your battery resurrection method. I hope you haven't thrown away your VersaPak batteries! Will definitely be using for more items I have. New Cordless Power Tool Batteries are expensive - learn how to fix yours. Thanks also for the explanation of what happens to Nicads.

Types of Lithium-ion BU I was also going to purchase new ones. I tried it on a telphone battery and it works! Next morning they were still holding their own. Page 1 of 3. Comments are intended for "commenting," an battert discussion amongst site visitors. Eng Professional Electrical Engineer.

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