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British Crime Cinema , London: In the ensuing shootout, Jack shoots Peter dead. Hawkins' name can be seen on the poster outside the club before Thorpe runs inside, and the band can faintly be seen on stage as Thorpe enters the club.

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John was great, there was a lot of menace in that quietness. Retrieved 27 March An easy way of seeing how…. To celebrate all things British cinema, Time Out magazine polled over actors, directors, writers, producers, critics and industry bigwigs…. Caine became a co-producer of the film.

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The significance of the double-barrelled shotgun as Carter's choice of weapon which in the novel symbolises family ties and Carter's memories of more innocent times hunting with his brother was lost in the film adaptation. This is the core joy in Get….

Returning to the car park Jack finds Brumby, beats him senseless and throws him over the side to his death. MGM sold distribution rights to the film in the U.

Retrieved 26 February Overcome with emotion, Jack becomes enraged and pushes Glenda's head under water as she is taking a bath. He noted the "proletarian detail" of the film which is "unusual in a British detective movie.

Generate a number from 1 to x via: The British Film Guide 6. Brumby showed Frank the film to incite him to call the police on Kinnear. Michael Klinger was cartter in promotion of the film in the UK, using the experience from cartee background as a distributor to conduct a strong advertising campaign.

Steven Soderbergh 's film The Limey is a homage to Carter and other British gangster films, and contains similar plot elements and themes of revenge, family and corruption.

Get Carter: No 7 best crime film of all time

Retrieved 11 March This—combined with Ccarter research into the contemporary criminal underworld of Newcastle in particular the one-armed bandit murderand the use of hundreds of local bystanders as extras —produced a naturalistic feel in many scenes. Retrieved 3 April As Jack is walking along the shoreline, he is shot in the head with a sniper rifle by the hitman, only identified as "J", who was in Jack's carriage on his initial train journey to Newcastle during the film's opening credits.

Conversely, US critics were generally more enthusiastic and praised the film, but it was poorly promoted in the States by United Artists and languished on the drive in circuit while MGM focused its resources on producing a blaxploitation version of the same novel, Hit Man.

Locations along the east coast of England had been scouted by Hodges and Klinger in the spring ofto find a landscape that suggested a "hard, deprived background". The film's release was delayed while parts of the film were redubbed, with no great improvement.

Roger Ebert was less reserved in his praise, writing that "the movie has a sure touch". He just seems to be a cut above the usual villains that are embraced as anti-heroes.

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British Crime Cinema 2nd ed. Klinger was present on set for much of the film shoot.

Retrieved 28 April Original UK film poster by Arnaldo Putzu. There are four simultaneous conversations, with a lot of plot exposition cartwr the introduction of two important characters, Kinnear and Glenda. Klinger was a very hands-on producer and was present during shooting and in post-production. Empire's Best Movies of All Time. Retrieved 15 July Retrieved 6 April

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