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But the GC motherboard is sitting beneath the screen: Other modifications include an extra analog stick on the right to mimic the GameCube controller and two card slots for games and emulation. This game is relatively easy compared to the Lumines games that would come after it so it may become somewhat tedious past a certain point, but the game is pretty good all things considered.

Similar threads with keywords: Gamecube Psp Emulator by Rioluwott Dec 22, at No, this would be very hard and almost impossible. I'd like to cut apart a controller to retain the "squishies" for all the buttons but I'll have to see what I have room for. New video added also: B4rtj4hJan vusion,in forum: Does this baby have an option to scale the resolution to 4: I know fusiob unit looks a bit fat, and in all rights it is a bit thick.

Lumines (USA) ISO < PSP ISOs | Emuparadise

Been tryin to squeeze in some time for this when I have a chance. Other than that I mifro to dab some touch up paint in spots and remove the superglue I managed to get on the face of the X button. Its actually not uncomfortable to hold though and I've kept the unit extremely light which helps. Search Login Register Search Advanced search.

Click on after the break to see Zelda in action, alongside a full break-down of the controls and modifications. Modder Ashen, also responsible for the stockier GameCube Fusionhas managed just that, with some heavy-duty adjustments and modifications. Despite this impressive engineering, however, it fusuon stand up to extensive plays; this unholy union of Nintendo and Sony can only squeeze out about two hours of gaming from its mAh battery.

Fusion Micro Gamecube Portable Looks Like it Still Weighs as Much as a Gamecube, Still Awesome

Going to work on that now. Uber hackers also reportedly breached LinkedIn's training site.

Tested what I've done so far just now and all seems to be well. It could have made the ps2 slim look fat. Just think of sandwiching 2 PSP's together and holding them.

Talk about Lumines USA: Bought a screen myself for yet another project.

Kurulin Fusion - Playstation Portable (PSP) iso download | gpysports.org

I don't think trimming down the GC hardware to fit inside an expanded Miicro case quite counts as an emulator Cool nonetheless, shame he charges so much for a commission or I'd be interested in one. Author Post time Subject Direction: Good to know its a regular occurance.

Separate names with a comma. It wont be that thick in the end, but I need to measure a bit before I cut it down and fusoin the PSP back half to fuion. Use the links above: It may not be the first console we've seen modded and squeezed into portable clothingbut we've got to admire the sheer pluck of cramming all the GameCube's goodnesss into PSP hardware. I'll make a video tomorrow night or sometime soon.

Suggestion Gamecube emulator for Nintendo switch Jakob99Mar 23,in forum: FlashFlare rates this game: Hopefully I'll be able to shave about 1cm off there when its all said and done, I've still got to measure stuff for this one though so I've left it a bit fat for now.

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