E2 shop system

Lack of multiple routing capability for an item. Our old system was supposed to help us manage everything from order entry through the shipping, but it was just not up to the task. Now if a customer calls a salesperson to ask how many units are complete, the salesperson can inquire of the database and know right to the minute how many units are ready to go. E2 Shop System by Shoptech Software.

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Shops of all sizes and types have turned to the E2 Shop System to take their business to the next level. If I have to use a cattle prod on my fellas then I will use a cattle prod, because at the end of the day what I get from E2 is worth it.

After viewing, request a demo to see the full capabilities. With E2, our sales team always has instant information and history on any past customer transactions and can reference old orders and data very quickly and easily.

It also pulls in all business financials, so shops can manage payroll, accounts payable and receivable and general ledger from a single location, as well as using one of the built-in reports for comprehensive analysis.

Manufacturing Software – Shoptech E2 Shop System

We could not easily connect costs associated with a job to that job. If you are looking for a way to organize your company or are not happy with the software you ysstem currently using However there are times that we could get a big gain from a tweak and we are just not able to get it done. We specialize in food processing and packaging equipment.

The basic software works great for our needs even though most of our production is jobbing "once offs". If you are a company that is looking to truly maximize an ERP system to organize your company thoroughly, I would keep searching. Overall just a really good software package and a great company to deal with.

The Best Manufacturing Software for your Shop

The E2 Shop and E2 Manufacturing Systems are the industry leading shop management software packages on the market today. The customer can be informed that the order will be complete in four hours and thirty-three minutes, and be ready to ship at 2: We can usually get new employees up and running fully on the software with only a couple of days of training.

Also, the software is somewhat flexible which makes it easy to tailor around your company's specific style of processing jobs and orders. Initial Install and data transfer, 7 The tool to do this has gotten better since we migrated our data Training and support, 9 Support has been good Ease of use and how easy to work with, Initially, 7.

Not only have we gotten accurate raw inventory counts for a full year, we were pleasantly surprised with other aspects. ERP is an outgrowth of the original manufacturing software that relied on several discrete components that managed just the manufacturing aspect. Recommendations to other buyers: The E2 Shop System is comprehensive manufacturing software that puts total shop floor control at your fingertips.

Suggest moving demand to 2nd line item so that PO can be altered for next release instead of moving quantity to new PO.

E2 Shop System - Shoptech The E2 Shop System

Given this is SQL based system, product reaction time and processing time was below expectations upon initial implementation. If we have experienced resistance, well, that is a part of life. Quite often the users, your employees are the individuals who may be able to shed light on areas that you would never suspect. Click below to see just some of the shop types using E2 Manufacturing. Again, as the quality system administrator, the E2 quality module affords the ease of giving auditors a quick view of the effectiveness of the QMS and does the document organization for me.

Small business service companies don't have the time to create an estimate in order to give a price on a job. West View-Cunningham Co Inc.

This program is very basic so if you learn how to use one part of the system you can learn how to use the other parts of the system because they all look the same Cons: Contact us using the form below. Learn more about the features of this product.

Shoptech does compile all necessary shipping data - just doesn't display it in a format that works for us. With different modules you can add on when you are ready, E2 is ready to grow with your business as you need! We operate a precision sheetmetal shop in NJ. Many of software programs have come across my path.

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