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So is there new parts or sporee Spore Petition Thread http: You can see one of them in the screeny above xD brian wrote: Geez, and I thought I was gullible.

Thu Jul 15, 4: If a mod no longer works with the new client, let us know here! Thanks for the update rob! They are on the creature creation mode, just not the paint mode.

V Still have beef with you tho. Michael Civilized Sporeon Joined: What has been added to this since the earlier versions besides the updated interface, background, and categorization? Rob55Rod Spacefaring Sporeling Joined: Sat Injectoin 22, 6: Trying to get an almost 20 year old man to act his age.

This message was edited 2 times. They later clarified that they were just joking.

Dark Injection is a Spore mod brought to the people of Spore by Davopotamus. And that's my two cents. TheKatsos Civilized Sporeon Joined: I'm about to get started on the "custom weapons" series Unless you mean that mini release This message was edited 3 times.

Darkspore-related Mods

Yep, I meant the mini-release. Consequently, all the good screenshots are taken from the editor mode. View the Ad or Skip the Ad. Retrieved from " http: You don't know how long I waited for this WarLord - Terrorsekt Offline.

Not a big deal, though mildly irritating. Here, you will find new experiences, parts, and other things beyond your wildest dreams.

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V This message was edited 2 times. If you could somehow get the mod working with preserved textures on all creatures made pre-mod, that would make my day. Tue Jun 08, 7: I'd rather have the original spore colors then have the new parts look better. Board index Injction times are UTC What happened to the colors?

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