Battle net gateway editor

You can post it here or make a new, helpful, informative thread that I will add to the articles section. But I may very well be mistaken. Help would be needed! So no windows users ought to have any more problems Ladder Reset June 23, Oct.

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HellRaisers vs Ninjas in Pyjamas.

Anime Discussion Thread Movies you have seen recently Korea StarCraft League However, doing the wrong thing in Registry Editor can easily break something in your machine. After downloading, gatewya will unzip this zip file, it does not matter where, everything it needs or wants is all within it's own folder.

Add a gateway to your list manually

Omg gateaay fiddeling around to get my 4 games going i used your "default" reg to resst everything and getting the BNETIP shits every time. By the way, the second line "02" is used to determine the default gateway by number.

You can delete this, it wont harm your installation.

The gateway list in game shows "Slash Diablo" that I entered in the registry manually. Thanks for this nice program Jail. What can I say?

HellRaisers vs Space Soldiers. Afreeca Starleague Season 6. You gotta see this! Log in to rate File Information General. ECS Season 6 - Finals. Natus Vincere vs TBD. Fnatic vs Windigo Gaming.

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It is necessary to put this in the gateway into a list. Do you know of the zone number of SD matters?

If some people have problems that their games that run in sandbox, still have force them in to useast you have to run inside each created sandbox regedit and gatteway the line. Good luck, have fun, and enjoy -Jailout Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. I thought the zone for sd was 8? Team Envy vs Luminosity Gaming.

Blizzard Gateway Editor - Add, remove your Warcraft 3 Servers

Net gateway editor has already screwed up your registry entry so that D2 won't connect to any realms, just download, unzip, and doublick the default registry entry to re-insert and fix it back to default.

Rogue vs compLexity Gaming. Log in or sign up in seconds. You will be caught and banned. Want to add to the discussion?

I actually added that info in an edit now. I hate being right. Credit to mrgerrit for solving a big problem I and a few others were gafeway that Editkr suggest adding to this post for future reference:.

That let it be possible to play it till then, Demon admin a temporary server what is going always. If your gateway list is already screwed up, simply delete all the text you see here, and hit ok.

I opened your reg file and it had the damn line included: So no windows users ought to have any more problems

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