Archive name and parameters

You can create compression profiles in order to optimize your activity. Wildcards are supported both in path and name parts of masks. Please read the License and registering information chapter for more information. It may be useful for backups.

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Visual Basic Express Last update 27 Jun. If you update an existing archive, this option is ignored and WinRAR uses the arcyive of updating archive. You may also append a percent character to this parameter, in such case the number of creating.

Depending on archive format selected, some advanced options not supported by target format will be disabled.

Archive name and parameters dialog: options - WinRAR

Using this option parameers it is possible to switch to another, extension based naming scheme, where the first volume file in a multi-volume set has the extension. But while being more reliable, such file headers scattered around the entire archive are slower to access if we need to quickly open the archive contents in a shell like WinRAR graphical interface. Popular Downloads Ammyy Admin 3. You may lock important archives to prevent accidental modification.

If the default password was absent before starting archiving, it also will be absent after finishing the operation. While CRC32 properties are suitable to detect most of unintentional data errors, it is not reliable enough to verify file data identity.

You may select the type of SFX module and set a few other SFX parameters like a destination folder in the Advanced options of this dialog. Usually gives higher compression ratios, but applies some restrictions. ZIP format dictionary size is fixed to 32 KB. Default value for this option is the "current system time", so every new or modified archivw receives the current system time as modification file time.

Delete mode

Creates a self-extracting archive exe filewhich can be unpacked without using any other programs. If this option is on and files are archived with a password, "Wipe files" mode is enabled regardless of other options in "Delete mode" group.

For example, you may enter:. WinRAR is able to change underscores back to colons and create unpacked files in their original folders and disks, if you set "Extract absolute paths" option in "Advanced" part of extraction dialog. It can be useful if disk space is limited and you wish to copy each volume to another media immediately after creation. It may be useful for backups. If archiving files include several NTFS hard links, store the first archived hard link as usual file and the rest of hard links in the same set as links to this first file.

Main features are strong compression, strong AES encryption, archive protection from damage, self-extracting archives and more.

Windows Archjve Mobile Powerful archiver and archive manager. It is valid only during a single archiving operation and overrides the default password entered in File menu. You may read more about potential benefits and dangers of "Store full paths including the drive letter" mode in the description of -ep3 switchwhich is the command line equivalent of this WinRAR option.

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patameters If ZIP format selected, some advanced options, not supported by this archive format, will be disabled. The default value of this option is "any time", so WinRAR will archive all selected files regardless of their time stamp. Note that if you are archiving to a removable disk, you may select "Autodetect" from the list and WinRAR will choose the volume size automatically for each new volume. Select format of newly created archive.

Save file security data

It is valid only during a single archiving operation and overrides the default password entered in File menu. You can specify the recovery record size in Advanced options of this dialog. The speed versus afchive rate of compression came out as medium compared to WinAce and WinZip: Enter the name manually or press the "Browse" button to browse for the archive name.

To activate it press "Define volume sizes…" button in Compression settings dialog.

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