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This will relieve you of the MCQ burden. Questions were hard but your lectures helped me with some of them to easily figure the best answer. So far, we have trained about step-3 takers in a span of 3 years. Once you register with us, you will be provided with a meeting code and a website address.

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Yet, we charge a bare minimum fee to make it affordable to every one including an IMG as well as a medical student! Archer Review has a detailed training program on Biostatistics and epidemiology, the two being the core ingredients of the medical curriculum for a critical review research. User login Email ID. You are also encouraged to share your opinions with other students in the workshop How can I talk?

Currently I'm planning on doing: Its concepts are tested in all the three steps of the written USMLE exam and are found in residency in-service and board exams for umpteen medical specialties. So, we suggest that you stay until the end of the workshop tsep we intend to practice several highyield cases. Thank you so much. In Step2 CS important aspects are hundreds of clinical cases are dealt with. The interface is so advanced that you get the feel of an actual exam and the scores are compared with other candidates for improvement.

How many people are there in the workshop at a time? You are encouraged to setp with us during the conference, share your opinions and ask questions.

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Free Step 3 Questions are available on our Blog. USMLE permits you to use their software for your own exam preparation or practice. Our Step 3 strategic courses and CCS workshop provide striking example for our focused strategies.

Thank you so much. More highyield updates 1.

You are also encouraged to share your opinions with other students in the workshop. SDN Members do not see this ad. Just want to let you know that I passed Step 3.

Personal Tutoring Intensive coaching of 40 to 45 hours racher upon your baseline knowledge.

Our previous Rapid review was 20 hour long. They were 2 day long 20 hours in duration.

Step 3 prep course recommendation?

You will go revoew the website and enter the meeting code. All study material was e-mailed in PPT format. Click here to learn more. Not a member yet?

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Please make your Q bank available so I can do it for my IM boards. How is this possible at all? How long is the workshop?

These are one on one — no group, its a personal intensive coaching for those who had failure on step3 in the strp or for those looking to score very high on step3. This will relieve you of the MCQ burden. With a desire to cover more topics, we increased the duration of these reviews to 26 hours in April and June Rapid review happens once in 2 to 3 months.

Red, hope all is well with you. How can you be so sure that CCS matters so much?

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