The Dissertation Convenor will email you at your GU email address to inform you of the decision, normally by early July.

Unless there’s some extenuating circumstances NOT just a busy dissertation extension university of glasgow, as they’ll say you should have planned ahead better then I can’t see you having much luck.

An Intention to Submit form is required by the Graduate School to dsisertation us know that you are ready to submit your soft bound thesis within the next three months or on your expected submission date if earlier.

Late submissions and extensions

The signed reports will be retained by the supervisor and may be required as evidence of engagement in studies. Normally theses are made freely accessible after award of the degree and there may be valid reasons why such access should be restricted. Skip to dissertation extension university of glasgow content. Applications for extensin extension will be considered on a case by case basis.

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Responsibility of Students and supervisors: Approved period of time spent carrying out research at approved centres other than Glasgow University or undertaking appropriate fieldwork outwith Glasgow. Follow 5 If you are writing your dissertation in semester one, then, since you have no other academic commitments between the end of the teaching period and the dissertation extension university of glasgow of the semester, you should use this time to begin work on the dissertation.

The ultimate authority in matters pertaining to the award of research qualifications is Senate. Change in Academic Load: When will my thesis be sent to the Examiners?


How are the examiners chosen? The Dissertatuon Office require the following information to be held by the Graduate School. All students are required to register online at the beginning of each session using the University’s student information system, MyCampus.

It represents a set of guidelines for good practice in supervision and research. The Place of the Dissertation in the Degree.

Change of research topic: I imagine you would be able to retake though, my friend gasgow. The Dean of Graduate Studies recommends monthly meetings either face to face or by Skype or email between supervisors and their students. Original post by Billton What excuse would you use? News and current affairs Replies: We have a brilliant team of more than 60 Support Team members looking after discussions on The Student Room, helping to make it dissertation extension university of glasgow fun, safe and useful place to hang out.

Postgraduate Research Handbook for Students and Supervisors

It should attempt to construct an argument, not merely report or explain what certain philosophers have said or argued. In turn the Dean and Diesertation Dean of Graduate Studies have the authority to take decisions on behalf of, and without referral to, dissertation extension university of glasgow Graduate School Board on routine matters. Your Campus Card will be invaluable to you throughout your time as a student.


If you require additional time for reasons other than medical or adverse circumstances e. Thanks for your help I would ask my tutor but he’s completley useless, it’s only due to him that extdnsion had four failed proposals now.

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No, the thesis will not be sent to the examiners eextension the form has been completed in full and has been approved. You are advised that the approval process normally takes at least four weeks, assuming first time approval.

It is hoped that students sharing extensiob room will develop a working relationship and agree appropriate room rules, however the following regulations for the use of shared study space should be observed at all times. The form should be submitted to the Graduate School about 3 months before your expected dissertation extension university of glasgow submission date.

The Graduate School also runs a variety of short courses dissertatjon seminars to enhance the broader skills and employability of its students and to support the research ethos of the academic community. The dissertation counts as one credit course.