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He is the adoptive son of the former Kurohabaki leader, Terumune, and was previously denied leadership of the clan, despite his striving for approval. Weed is a very brave, compassionate and kind dog with an unusually strong sense of justice. However, Koyuki's owner wishes to use her as a breeding dog and Koyuki is sent away.

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But instead, Jerome sacrifices himself for Weed and drowns, awaiting to meet his comrades again. Retrieved July 19, Kousuke Takeuchi as Tesshin.

Ginga Densetsu Weed / Characters - TV Tropes

Sign In Don't have an account? Retrieved May 10, Nagareboshi Ginstating that it felt "more exciting and natural" than its "stiffer and more pompous" sequel. Retrieved from " http: He sees with joy that Akame has recovered his eyesight.

Nagareboshi Ginand follows Gin 's son, Weed through his journey to find his father and become an adult. Weed now starts his journey to find more dogs who can help him defeat Hougen and his soldiers.

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Weed arrives with an army of pet dogs and they rescue his wweed group. His front left leg is in plaster but he is able to see Mel and Kyoushiro as they are in the same village.

Despite this the dogs along with some last minute help from the humans Daisuke and Hidetoshi manage to slay the beast. Weed was born in the Northern Alps and is a younger brother of Yukimura and Joe.

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Tokimune just stares at him, just as Weed stares at him. Illang, Jin-Roh and the Kerberos Saga: Studio Dream 5 episodes eps 3, 7, 11, 15, 23 Video Editing: Just then, Kaibutsu attacks and Tokimune jumps in to protect the puppy even though he was wounded.

Thinking that he was Gin, the puppy introduces himself as Weed and that he's in Ohu to find his dejsetsu, and that his father easily could defeat Kaibutsu. During the last battle with the gigantic father bearGB is killed protecting Weed from the bear. View all pictures about this article View all merchandise about this article.

In this new story, Weed and his pack face their new danger - violent earthquakes and erupting volcanoes had threatened Ohu. Anki Kitan Rurouni Kenshin: He also has charisma like Gin.

Ginga Densetsu Weed (TV)

Weed manages to get the bandage off, revealing his leg is still bruised but otherwise healed and he leaves Koyuki in the care of her owners while he makes his way back to the mountains to find his family. Archived from [ http: Game Reviews Columns incl.

wede Adapted Out Aloof Big Brother: Clara Oxholm as Reika? This page was last edited on 11 Octoberat Ginga Legend Weed has not been relicensed and distributed in the English language.

But instead blames himself for leaving the battlefield. Views Features chronological archives Katsuhisa Houki as Ben eps 10, Plus a Fall season update, scary movie breakdown and more!

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