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See this post for details: Will work on any file mpg, ts, dvr-ms that contains this information. Sometimes the edl file contains info beyond the duration of the recording Changes on 0.

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Comskip can read MPEG and h. VERY easy to use once you get it cokskip configured, but you have to spend some time getting the configuration, which is why I rated it a "9" overall -- if it wasn't for the work you have to put into learning and configuring, it would've gotten a perfect " SaveTV still gets into a loop when a commercial shorter the 10 seconds at the start is detected. Cutting is very fast.

Do test before serious use. BTV versions starting with 4.

Can work only on recordings of at least 45 minutes. I have no clue why this is happening or why it happens after Windows Updates requires a machine re-start.

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The Comskip version has changed from time to time but not recently. Hope this is fixing most of xonator problems. So perhaps it was a strange one-off glitch. If you think comskip is crashing then check dontaor log file for out of memory warnings.

From the log file it appears VAP is running when updates occur, correct? In fact, the typical behavior after one of those updates always appears to be a full system scan upon re-start.

Incorrect Aspect Ratio used on certain segments causing big mistakes. It is currently Fri Oct 26, 3: Output files are rewritten after each toggle.

Is VAP using comskip?

Comskip Support Forum Comskip is a free commercial detector, browse the forum for donwtor information. Windows Updates were Install on the 11th I now know that when updates are installed, and the computer has been re-started, watch to see if VAP is using ComSkip because it probably is not.

It works only on bit Mac OS. The default allows for direct execution without any parameters - Bug solved: No installation is required.

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I put the two dontor in as a defense mechanism. Once the computer was restarted everything went back to normal and processed shows now had proper commercial detection. Wed Oct 10, 1: Hide comsskip and browse box. How to apply color correction using the Gradie In other words, If the computer is re-started after Windows Updates the error occurs. When a video stream has two audio streams such as stereo and 5. If this is the only issue it has then so be it - it's a rare one.

Verzion above link is now dead. Just as an FYI, for the last several years, VAP has processed Movies one's that I've kept, it's processed many more, probably over 1,2, series recordings that I've kept, certainly more then 3, to the tune of some 13 TeraBytes last I counted.

Sep 30, File size: Post 9 above outlines exactly how it fails.

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