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Matthew Carter and the Interpretation of Historical Models". Bembo does not attempt to strictly copy all the features of Renaissance printing, instead blending them with a twentieth-century sensibility and the expectations of contemporary design. February 2, at Retrieved 25 September

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Monotype's Bembo Book digitisation is one of the few digital releases to include both styles. Bembo is an old style serif typeface that goes back to the times of Aldus Manutius.

A Tally of Bolx. The resulting phototype and first digital fonts produced a Bembo that was much less robust than the original metal versions. This gave a cleaner result than historic typefaces whose master punches had been hand-carved out of steel at the exact size of the desired letter.

The regular roman style of Bembo is based on Griffo 's typeface for Manutius.

Griffo's roman typeface, with several replacements of bemho capitals, continued to be used by Manutius's company until the s, when a refresh of its equipment brought in French typefaces which had been created by Garamond, Pierre Haultin and Robert Granjon under its influence.

So odd it has been suggested it may have been fong result of faulty casting of type, it was nonetheless often copied in French imitations by Garamond and his contemporaries.

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Retrieved July 2, Quietly persuasive OUP editor". Monotype licensed and released the font Centaur around the same time as Bembo.

The surviving records of the progress of some of the classic typefaces demonstrate that their exemplary final quality was due to a relentless willingness on the part of 'the works' to make and remake the punches over and over again until the result was satisfactory. Retrieved 19 February The 'A' has a flat top. In metal type, Bembo includes two capital "R"s, one with a long, extended leg following Griffo's original engraving, and another with a more tucked-in leg for body text if a printer preferred it.

Retrieved 30 January The second, Stanley Morison, died at his home in London on October 11, Retrieved 11 December Professionalism and Diversity — This is what a few of the available styles look like. Bembo's original working name was "Poliphilus Modernised". Although Bembo went on to dominate British book printing in the twentieth century, in the words of John Dreyfus "Morison bolf not entirely satisfied by the way Griffo's roman had been recut", feeling that "the real charm of the original had not been brought out flnt the mechanical recutting".

While Bembo Book is considered the superior digitisation, the original continues to offer the advantages of two extra weights semi- and extra-bold and infant styles with simplified a and g characters resembling bkld its lighter appearance may also be of use on printing equipment with greater ink spread.

Oxford Bibliographies Online Research Guide.

His almost upright italic design was also imitated in France and would bembi become influential to twentieth-century font designs. The history and technique of lettering. Retrieved 9 December His first printing in the Latin alphabetin February by the Venetian calendarwas a book entitled Petri Bembi de Aetna Angelum Chabrielem liber.

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I had hoped to create a good screen version of the Bembo Book typeface, a beautiful and very popular design for book publishing. The Price of Celebrity". In the s, Mardersteig developed plans for a second design, Dantewhich was again cut by Malin slowly from onwards but taken also up by Monotype. Retrieved 2 July During the s when there was slight interest in the production of new "book" types, the Monotype firm—with Morison's guidance—embarked upon a program of classic type revivals which resulted in the cutting of such faces as Garamond, Bembo, Poliphilus, Baskerville, Bell, and Fournier.

Morison was interested in the history of the 15th century Italian printing, and had discussed the topic with his correspondent, the printer Giovanni Mardersteigin correspondence with whom he wrote a series of letters discussing Bembo's development.

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