Awakening moonfell wood

Help her find her friends and family and take her rightful place. Once you complete the game you will have access to the card game Tripeaks C. Puzzle solving is a major gameplay component in Awakening: Using the orders from the bookshelf E , rearrange the pots and flowers to match F. You can expect to encounter a variety of magical and mythical characters in the game.

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Use the OAR on the boat to leave the shore. You need to find 7 pairs of berries. Look at the large stone on the left G. Look at the lock on the gate N. The slot with the red and blue ring should hold the red and blue marble.

There's even a card game thrown in.

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Your inventory is located in the lower bar and will be hidden when not in use. Continue to the tower roof. Click on cards in the upper tableau C that are one higher or lower than a card in the bottom row D.

Note the cabinet mini-game R. Take the gems that appear on the 5 left flowers. The use of subtle lighting effects, particularly during the nighttime hours, helps to immerse you further into the beauty that is Moonfell Wood.

In real life I was duking it out with an insurance company at the time and appreciated Moonfell Wood as an escape. Click on the gold arrow just above the journal to see the most immediate task if you are playing casual mode I.

In particular, there is a great deal of puzzles that require you to swap tiles to complete an image. I cannot praise this game and this series enough. Click again to rotate a scrap. Moonfell Wood is rated 4.

Awakening: Moonfell Wood

Everything you learn about Princess Sophia occurs within the first few minutes of the game and there are not any details about what life was like in the kingdom before she fell asleep for years. Walk down once to the waterfall.

There are scroll buttons to move your inventory left or right. The game is similar in nature to solitaire and consists of three piles of cards. Whether you are new to playing point and click adventure games or are just discovering the genre, you will have no problem learning the basic controls of the game. Enter the tower and go up the stairs. Here you may add, delete, or edit a user profile.

Awakening: Moonfell Wood (PC)

The hidden object scenes come in two varieties. Look at the second alcove.

Hover your mouse over the engraving to learn the figurines need to be placed from light to dark, small to large, from left to right. Look at the bookshelf.

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Note the mini-game on the left B. A hand icon indicates that you can pick up an object. Look at the stone table. The storyline is well-integrated into game play, visual style and music, as well as the developing arc of the series.

Note the rope hanging in the tree E. It's an amazing game! Click the 2 matching herbs. It's something we can do together.

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