Asme b31.3 edition 2010

CC has been issued to deal with the UT situation regarding HP piping and to my understanding will be incorporated into the edition. Plate flanges in accordance with para. Enviado por Caio flag Denunciar. But, these Materials have Fatigue strengths which is similar to the common steels, that is why this limit is added in edition.

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Great articles as always, please keep up the good work.

Code Case allows this. Displacement Stress Range Allowable: Plate flanges in accordance with para.

For a buttweld joining two members having different ame at the weld, t is the thinner of these two thicknesses. The axial stress is added to the flexibility stress equation.

The illustrations are typical and are not intended to exclude acceptable types of construction not shown. Preheating and heat treatment shall be as required for the original welding.

Tack welds shall be made by a qualified welder or weld- ing operator. Earlier in edition the same was addressed by Appendix P only.

Earlier Restrictions to acceptance of previously qualified welding procedures are removed. And we don't have time left, so I should give the best decision asmd order to get it accepted quickly. As your said "labyrinthine" springs to mind!

In OctoberCode Case was approved which nowhere discriminates between manual and computerised inspections for HP piping and with length-based acceptance criteria, as per radiography. Actually, now I qsme preparing a UT procedure on behalf of Engineering, so I am the one to decide that.

ASME B(a)-RT before PWHT for P1/P2 Group Piping

Little bit unfair where we can sizing high of the flaw but should follow workmanship acceptance criteria. Repair welds shall be made using a weld- ing procedure qualified in accordance with para. The allowable displacement stress range is now limited to MPa 60, psi in the current edition. The scan plan shall also include ultrasonic beam angle used, beam directions with respect to weld centerline, and pipe volume examined for each weld. While Axial stress may not be that important in most piping systems, it can be significant for jacketed or buried piping.

Enviado por Caio flag Denunciar. If a full penetration weld includes a fillet weld, the thickness of the throat of the fillet weld shall be included in t. Subscribe For Latest Updates Signup for our newsletter and get notified when we publish new articles for free!

ASME B31.3 Ed 2010

In the new edition of code there are lots of substantive changes with respect to edition of ASME B Laps shall be machined front and back or trued after welding. My problem is, how to apply internal porosity criteria. Thus only two flaws may be required. The word "labyrinthine" springs to mind!

Does it mean defect indication greater that 6.

UT in ASME B High Pressure Piping

The great expansion of piping industry where it is today if mainly for the available codes, standards and recommended practices. Alternatively, for techniques that do not use amplitude recording levels, acceptable performance is defined as demonstrating that all imaged flaws with recorded lengths, including the maximum allowable flaws, have an indicated length equal to or greater than the actual length of the flaws in the qualification block.

Chapter XI does not. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

05. ASME B31.3-2010 Occ Allowable is incorrect in AutoPIPE V8i 09.04.xx.xx, why?

By the way, a lot help your previous comment. It is the opinion of the Committee that alternative UT acceptance criteria as described in this case may be applied in lieu of those described in para.

Seal welding shall be done by a qualified welder.

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