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You will be surprised to unlock sheep with horns, bluish cows, greenish chickens, and many more unique animals. The app lets you interact with fish aquarium on your Android device. This is a good tip for saving Inventory space. Sometimes it gets annoying like when you just want to poke a butterfly, what happens is you accidentally enter the cafe, etc.

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Best virtual pet apps for Android - Android Authority

Download the Furdiburb — Beta app and grow your little alien pet right on your Android device. Is there a gift feature to gift things to friends?

Once logged in, you can take care of your own Papaya pet. Cancel reply Enter your comment here Har can also play with your pet dragon and entertain it. The app also allows you to decorate your fish tank.

Happy Pet Story: Virtual Pet Game Review / Tips and Tricks / Fun Facts | SevPOOTS Online Gallery

Within the game, there is a shop where you can buy accessories and decorations for your cage. Fruits can only stack up to You can also customize and decorate your farm of unique animals. When it hatches, you have yourself a cute little 3D dragon right on your Android device.

Tamagotchi addiction kicks in again. Other than dressing up your happy pet, there are a handful of things you could also do: You will need to take care of Furdiburb and keep your pet happy by feeding him the right stuff and keeping the place clean.

Pets can be our trusted friends. They were feared hwppy people in fictional stories and gave power to the great wizard Merlin. So when doing quests, the best thing to do is to carry apples only xD. Take care of Furdiburb and grow a cute alien right on your Android device hap;y the Furdiburb — Beta app. If you want to raise these mythical fire-breathing creatures, install the app Drago Pet on your Android device.

Just like the game I used to play, this app lets you take care of a virtual oets right on your Android device. You can talk to it, feed it something, and even play rock, paper, and scissors ggame it.

This site uses cookies. Each rod and bait has its own unique properties. Moving Outside your house is a pain I tell you.

As the name suggests, this app lets you grow virtual fish. Luckily, the baby egg fell in your backyard. Aa of now, you cant.

Best virtual pet apps for Android

I have just played for three days and I am at Level 23 already. I checked the Time and it was Please happilabs, If you have read this please make more hairstyles T.

Drago Pet for Android on AppBrain.

Which made me love it even more lol. I took care of it, fed it, cleaned its poop, administered its medicine, and kept my pet happy. ID is This should be final.

My Pet had enough of this shit.

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