Half life 2 sound files

HalfLife submitted 2 years ago by ThatguyMalone My god, what are you doing?! The playground child screams probably gets the cake in my opinion. This week I replayed hl2 and only this time noticed the sounds in the citadel, I'm going to go check them out. I bought new underwear today!

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This is one of my favorite moments in ilfe entire series. It sounds like there's a blaster beam being used, as well as definitely the sound of the picking of the strings of a cello, and a violin.

Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Found the sound on YouTube.

How can I extract the voice lines from Half-Life 2? : HalfLife

I forgot where it even played, but if you play it on repeat it tiles scares me for some reason. You hear the music, turn the corner, see Gman on the unplugged TV with a crow, and then in a blink, it's gone -- no reason or explanation.

,ife Where does it even occur in the game? Doesn't help that the tunnel is filled with wrecked cars and zombies. It's really fucking unnerving, it's like the soundtrack to a schizophrenic breakdown or something.

Does the leak count? I think that plays giles the announcement system in HL1 whenever the Vox voice announces a warning in the lambda core chapter. It's completely baffling and creepy.

The tunnel noise from the beginning of sonud. Not to creep you out or bother you, but is it this one? From half life 1? Half-Life's atmosphere just sends chills down your spine. They remind me of Numbers Stations. Also, you should hear it reversed: Not only is the sound eerie in itself, but the name "playground memory" makes it seems as though Gordon is having a bad flashback to a past event related to a playground, hence screaming children.

Submit a new text post. So creeped out by that sound I'm not even going to look for it anymore. Also, you should hear it reversed:.

The on a rail distant screams. Half Life 2 Creepy radio message.

What is the scariest sound file in all of the Half-Life sound directories? Reversed zombie screams give me chills to this day. No zombie from Half-Life 2 can match this. Someone else do this ASAP!

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Creepy Citadel sound 1 - It play's somewhere in the citadel, I just don't know where though. Onox in Gaming 42, views since Aug bot info. The video linked in the comment you were replying to already did, and that doesn't even sound like a guitar whatsoever. HalfLife submitted 2 years ago by ThatguyMalone My god, what are diles doing?! One or more of them are actually the horde sound in l4d, but higher quality most likely, and edited.

I saw a thread like this on the steam forums years and years ago and thought it was a fun topic filfs discussion.

I mean in general, hl2 had one of the best soundtracks there ever was. It's really chilling to me.

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