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The strikethrough price is the List Price. Generally favorable reviews - based on 26 Critics What's this? I never really liked this game, and I don't understand why it was so popular.

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Skip to main content. This remake of the SNES classic revamps the Donkey Kong Country gameplay with new minigames, a new Attack mode, and the ability to save your progress anywhere.

Donkey Kong creator Shigeru Miyamoto reportedly criticised the game and called its gameplay mediocre. Please fill out the copyright form to register a complaint. Genyo Takeda was dispatched to Japan to advise then-president of Nintendo Hiroshi Yamauchi about securing a deal with Rare.

What other items do customers buy after viewing this item? Levels contain enemies, bananas, and other objects and collectibles.

Donkey Kong Country

The Stampers expressed interest in making a game based on Donkey Kong, for which Nintendo gave permission. My only real complaint is that this port added a bunch of lame, frustrating mini-games that stop the game dead in its tracks. This game is just how I remembered from my nintendo as a kid.

See and discover other items: Donkey Kong Country is known for its atmospheric music that mixes natural environmental sounds with prominent melodic and percussive accompaniments. Savings represents a xonkey off the List Price.

Barrel cannons propel the player-character in the direction the cannon is facing. Unfortunately, the very un-puzzle-like deaths you usually suffer afterwards overshadow it with a feeling of being cheated, losing progress through no fault of your own, and then having to redo the puzzles countr already solved.

donkej See all 15 User Reviews. There's a certain intensity of action and sense of urgency that only a 2D platformer can deliver. It seems to be a theme throughout the game, and it gives the feeling that the developers just don't like you.

Donkey Kong Country - Wikipedia

Donkey Kong 64 Country Returns Country: See all 59 reviews. For the sequel, see Donkey Kong Country Returns. Domkey Music Stream millions of songs. The game has a variety of enemies, each with varying skills and defenses; for example, the crocodile-like klaptraps must be stomped on because of their forward-facing jaws; rolling into them will cause the player to lose a Kong.

There were countless times when I put my whole heart into getting through a tough portion of a level, only to get killed by a tiny projectile rocketing into the screen too fast to react to.

Console Country Country 2: Funky is a surfer who operates "Funky's Flights", a service that allows the player to visit the overworld map. DK Jamz consists of 50 tracks; tracks 24 to 48 are completely silent and the remaining two tracks are "secret" bonus tracks not listed on the disc cover. The ad does not play. Welcome to Donkey Kong Country, a place where ostriches wear running shoes, apes wear neckties, and rhinoceros gracefully leap across gaping canyons with a style and flair that would make the great Evel Knievel envious.

Retrieved October 28, I have this on the SNES; it's just awesome.

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This item is not eligible for international shipping. IGN 's Lucas Thomas expressed surprise that Nintendo's bit system could deliver rendered 3D models and praised the detailed character animations, "lush backgrounds" and the "verdant jungle" setting of the game. Good fun game This game is king how I remembered from my nintendo as a kid. Tropical Freeze for the Wii Ureleased in and respectively. Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. Game Boy Advance Platform:

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