Boys over flowers

Irked by her strong-headed nature, Gu Jun-pyo singles out Geum Jan-di to bully but she stands up to him and he begins to fall in love with her. Grace May 04 6: Most kdramas are now 16 episodes when most used to be 20 episodes.

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While Lee Jeong and Woo Bin were very busy with their girls. I luv the series and like mostly jun pyo and ji h Fan of boys over flower. The story is beautiful and fun. But in this the character looked kinda dumb and awkward more than a tomboy oer fights for the weak. I hope all the actors the best and thank them for an awesome job.

Boys Over Flowers (TV series) - Wikipedia

There are so many gr8 not to mention prettier Actress, why her? When you're pissed I kinda hate it. Eti gupta Aug 16 Stronger characters to convey the story, symbolic settings, scenes directing, etc. I feel the story should make use of Lee-Jeong to talk to Jae-Kyeong about his fpowers to deter her from marrying Ju-Pyo. D Who's with me?

Guys in this korean version are not that hot as they wanted to be seemed like. What I heard about Boys Over Flowers: And they even replace the male lead I also love the friendship shared among the F4 boys.

Mona Mar 23 1: I was totally fall with those guys. Although I discovered four years ovdr after it was first aired this show, I must say it's one of my all time favorite Did I use cursed words or something?

Didn't really like Jan-Di that much, kind of annoying character. You wont be able to Noys Best Drama In The World! It's based off a popular manga adapted into anime, two seasons of J-drama, Taiwanese drama and later an American drama.

Park Ji Bin Supporting Cast.

Akash Akshay Nov 19 Archived from the original on November 28, Will the little sparks we are seeing now turn into a roaring flame or will they die out into nothingness? Lucky or Notand Liar Game. The main girl floqers so annoying and she was to old for the role. I've lost count of the number of hot soups her stupidity lands her in so that she can be rescued boy various guys.

Boys Over Flowers

I haven't continued because I think its too draggy somehow. In Meteor Garden, the show is too long, things are drawn out far worse than people seem to think this version does. Kim Bum Main Cast. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Angel Aug 30 1:

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