Acapella the collection

Your loving kindness blesses every day. My Lord and My God. Yes, your honor, I'm at your mercy You can do with me Just as you please Please remember My testimony The blood of Jesus Covers me When the time came for the verdict The anticipation rose But the people knew too well The path in life they chose Those who had not cared to answer When in life he gave the call Or had known his grace and love Only to fall But as he looked in my direction I was not afraid 'Cause the nailed-scarred hands Were there defending me But then he rose to give the answer As we bowed unto the Lord He said "Well done my child, Great is your reward" Repeat Chorus x2 Please remember My testimony The blood of Jesus Covers me Scriptural Reference:

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With a hush the crowd awaited To receive the words he'd say A finality was pressing Like no other day To reveal my destination Colleftion was what I soon would know To eternity, where was I to go? Let him sing songs of praise.

Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners--of whom I am the worst. This song was the very first music video we ever attempted.

You can tell it's a genuine laugh. Although this song received great radio response in it's original version, we re-recorded the song with the popular concert version for Acappella: About Acappella Ina young Keith Lancaster had a acapellx to spread the Gospel through the unique form of a cappella music. It seems we go from one extreme to the other; either we timidly fail to share the truth altogether or we confront people with a detestable and offensive spirit. You've given your love to me Special delivery You've given your love to me Special delivery Repeat Chorus When I was in a special need You gave a special answer Especially considering my plight Discovering my broken heart You did not leave me helpless Quickly stealing me away from night Now I am so happy Tye did not let me down You overcome my struggle with that game Now I know the victory In overcoming sin Whenever I just call upon Your Name!


The Collection

Sometimes it's hard to know exactly how we are to share With our Master's words of confidence, directly, do we dare? Is not life more important than food, and the body more important than clothes? View That Holy City. We thought it would be fun to keep it in the mix. Your loving kindness blesses every day. O Jesus, why did you take it?

With this positive message, you won't mind. We are flattered to hear quartets around the world singing our songs and hope this becomes another avenue for believers to share their faith.

Acappella: The Collection

Many in the audience had never heard the Gospel before. Special delivery and your home above Given your love to me Desperately I call oh yes Given your love to me You've given your love, given your love Given your love to me You've given me all I need By giving your love to me We'll you've given your love to me You've given your love, given your love Special delivery Scriptural Reference: His voice has been heard with Acappella longer than any other member.

He decided to dedicate his time to the songwriting and production of Acappella. We played with that for awhile and became excited about this new song concept. You've given your love to me Special delivery You've given your love to me Special delivery Repeat Chorus. Without Him nothing was made that has been made.

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Teaching the Truth In Love. Jesus uses the phrase "I tell you the truth" over 75 times in the New Testament. I'm At Your Mercy. Listeners Also Played See All. The credits to each song are as follows: Various, primarily George Pendergrass Sample: No matter what your situation is, God's unfailing love is standing by and anxious to provide relief acapellla your weary heart.

He was teaching the truth in love Telling it like it is While holding pure motives And showing that He cared He was teaching the truth in love, in love, in love, in love. Get to the Point. Just As I Am. A woman caught in evil and without an alibi The truth, so very obvious, made no attempt to lie With all the foes against her how she felt so all alone Until Jesus asked the people who would throw the first stone. His work on this song, on the song "Rescue," as well as many others is an outstanding expression of emotion and style.

Get to the point:

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