Golden ratio face calculator

Beauty varies by race, culture or era. Adaptable to ANY race. Anonymous April 9, at 1:

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Facial surgery is one of way to provide well cosmetic treatment.

Golden Ratio Face

TruffleShuffle February 25, at 4: On pictures is that part never fucked up: Anonymous November 23, at 6: Thanks for posting this info. Read the post to get details.

Angela Cooper 24th July3: This article has guide about golden ratio beauty and in agree with majority of information which is quite easy to understand. Shelley GoodStein January 21, at Length of lips 13 to 14 VS Width of nose 6 to 7.

Face Beauty Analysis Test

I remember it was one of the tests done in the first episode. Surely the proportions of an ideal face are difrerent for each sex. Only a member of this blog may post a comment.

Samantha Zamora August 24, at 8: Measure the length of the face with a ruler or measuring tape held taut, looking straight on and not tilted, from the top of the head at the crown to the bottom of the chin. This website is however mainly for Caucasian faces being Egyptian Nefertiti would have been Caucasianso Caucasian faces are obviously going to be featured.

I think I'm the most ugliest thing on the planet.

Ellie 21st May5: Anonymous May 13, at 4: Researchers have discovered that the human perception of physical beauty is closely related with Golden ratio. Anonymous February 11, at 3: Pupil 3 to nosetip 4 cm.

For example, noses look longer from a higher angle and shorter from a lower angle. Cat 5th August6: Anonymous September 30, at 7: The seven ratios considered for Golden Ratio Face Beauty calculations are: Image Courtesy Score — [8.

In any case we all should know by now that beauty really goldn in the eye of the beholder.

Anonymous December 25, at 7: How can this be posssible Reply. Seeing as this short post featured her as well, maybe it caldulator political correctness that is your issue. Anonymous May 15, at 4: SKPS 4th March3: I got a score of 9.

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