Cs 1.6 the orange box

We have to let valve know we are not OK with this, one thing leads to another and next we will have to click through ads before queing for a game. I left Blizzard, I can leave Valve. It'll be the same with UT3. If you're not, it's a horrible game. That's not Valve's fault in any way; it's just the nature of console gaming.

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I don't really have an issue with Macklemore Kunkka tbh.

Olidsc Follow Forum Posts: I said nothing because I didn't mind clicking decline. The slippery slope question was relevant at the beginning - when cosmetics for money were first introduced.

S your missing the best squadbased shooter that has been made to date.

What about shiny Sven sword? They would have banner ads inside the map, an ad at the bottom of your screen when you're dead, an ad at the bottom of the screen when you tab to see scores, and an ad when you were loading the game.

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Valve is greedier than ever, not just for this, new chest concept not cw or marketablethe new event forces you to buy the new arcana, whats going on? CS has 32 online I remember lining up to take screenshots in CS1. If we let the gays get married, the gays will probably also use that as impetus to let the gays do other things like adopt.

That's not Valve's fault in any way; it's just the nature of bod gaming. Also why have 2 online Multilayer games? No way, do not send to valve the worng message just being in a conformist position, because this in first place is not even an "event" evn if they are naming that way. Do they really think ads will work on this audience?


I feel like with the game as profitable as it is, there should be more effort to improve the experience for players. I would have had no problem at all with purchasing a physical copy of DotA 2 just like I do with other games I play if I knew it was going to avoid bullshit like this.

GO have it worst There is a happy middle ground for sure, and if it only stretches this far, i'm fine with that, but at the same time it's very realistic to expect things to go farther, and if it were ANY company other than valve I wouldn't even hesitate to assume that's the direction they're pushing as there's plenty of evidence to show that's the standard progression. There is no evidence that Valve will take a mile just because we give them an inch.

What has the mobile industry done to the gaming community? No need to freak the fuck out, but this not an example of a true logical fallacy. Anyway CS was originally a mod thats why they could have not included it.

The Orange Box: Why no Counter Strike - System Wars - GameSpot

I dont know i hear all these people going on about counter strike i just want it on console Trust me, you aren't missing anything. To be fair, I've made a list of recent additions off the top of my head that I believe vastly improve the game: Don't worry, as always once Dota will be shit there will be something new for us elitists.

I love this game and hate to see it getting watered down by this nonsense. Im knowhere as good as other friends of mine, but I still enjoy the odd CS match. By implementing a new marketing technique, they move further te the path of all possible marketing techniques, naturally placing them in a position to eventually adopt a more invasive marketing technique.

bkx In other words, the fallacy is that given A, B will follow, even if there is no necessary link between A and B. Now I want that just to troll people with Meu2k7 Follow Forum Posts: For example the new music which only people that bought the compendium get, or the statue making, as well as many other things.

Ton of people saying "Well the game is free so oranhe cares" and "If it helps Valve monetize the game good for them," I think that misses the issue.

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Probably because TF2 looks and plays better.

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