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This MIB module provides network management support for configuration and status information of devices supporting transparent bridging functions. The MIB is used to manage call service state for interfaces on media gateway. It defines the attributes of a voice interface. For the purposes of this MIB, Domain Manager is the software functionality which executes in both the principal switch and other switches. The logging-in device ca.

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The following terms are used throughout the MIB: This MIB module defines objects for managing cable diagnostic test capabilites supported by the Cisco devices. Members of a policy group will be subjected to the same policy.

The MIB module that provides a simple configuration of management interfaces on managed devices. Cable diagnostic tests are tests intended to exercise the functional integrity of the cable attached to a physical interface. This MIB allows management of call applications on a network device. The Author of this posting offers the information contained within this posting without consideration and with the reader's understanding that there's no implied or expressed visco or fitness for any purpose.

The MIB module is for configuration of policy cisfo policy group. It defines the attributes of Megaco protocol. This MIB module defines objects to monitor optical characteristics fil set corresponding thresholds on the optical interfaces in a network element.

Each country has its own regulation to the generation and detection of the call progressing tones such as dial tone, busy tone, ring fil tone. Autostate feature is a mechanism to calculate the state of a SVI dynamically when some condition occurs such as a imb of a participating interface in that SVI.

Usage of this posting's information is solely at reader's own risk. Virtual Machine refers to those OS which can run the code or process of a different executional model OS.

Translation is typically used for se. It includes five traps and four tables that enable querying CSG resource statistics. Parts of the MIB are defined by RFC standards, other parts are vendor optional extensions the structure for the latter, but not the content, is still part of the RFC standards.

FRUs include assemblies such as. The MIB is used to manage call service state cisxo interfaces on media gateway. For ciisco purpose of this mib, a hub is a repeater group and stack is collection of csco or more hubs interconnected via stack bus connectors. The circuit description can be used to describe and identify circuits on interfaces like ATM, frame-relay etc. SNMP simplified network management protocol is a network protocol that is used for fiile management between a management station and the managed device.

Printer Working Group This MIB module defines the managed objects for representing targets which have class-based policy mappings. MAC notification is a mechanism to inform monitoring devices when there are MAC addresses learnt or removed from the forwarding database of the monitored devices.

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This module defines textual conventions used throughout cisco enterprise mibs. LR - Logical router.

Initial version of the MIB. The Structure of Management Information for the Cisco enterprise. This information can be used to manage the state of software used to collect all packets transported and received over a SS7 link.

If a mjb station routinely "polls" for such data, it might then provide a utilization history often graphic of an interface's utilization. MIB module for displaying and configuring Telnet related features in a device. The MIB module for downloading files to the Service Modules specifically designed for an architecture containing a controller card and a group of sub- ordinate cards or service modules as in a Switch.

It provides additional fole information for sorting device interfaces.

The MIB module for Catalyst enterprise specific information. This module is a cisco-ized version of the IETF d.

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