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Since founded Geekflare, I've helped millions of professional through my articles and tools. With this increasing rate of crime involving computers, evidence collection has become a vital part. What are its Different Types and their Application? It works on almost all latest Windows OS. Here are some of the computer forensic investigator tools you would need.

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With this increasing rate of crime involving computers, evidence collection has become a vital part. RedLine was originally the product of Mandiant organization, later taken over by FireEye. In such cases, organizations need investigators to perform the digital deep dives, to bring out the truth.

List of digital forensics tools

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This is a niche skill that requires the understanding of each bit of the system, and how to use it as evidence. Hashdeep is used to generate, match and perform hash auditing. They try to reconstruct what happened. Further information about the Sleuth kit is available at: They are often used in incident response situations to preserve evidence in memory that would be lost when a system is shutdown, and to quickly detect stealthy malware by directly examining the operating system and other fforensic software in memory.

In this process, it ignores the file system structure, so it is faster than other available similar kinds of tools. Extreme care must be taken by the expert in identifying, preserving and reporting the evidence. Forensic investigations are always challenging as you may gather all the information you could for the evidence and mitigation plan.

It can help us identify matched files, missed files, find hash collisions and various other attributes of the hashes. This is done by using password recovery mechanisms. Browser history viewer — extract windosw analyze internet activity history from most of the modern browsers.

Some companies are offering training for their products being used worldwide. It is both available in command line and GUI versions.

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Autopsy is an open source digital forensic software, it is used for conducting hard drive investigations. Comments the fogensic forensic investigation tools. It is present for both Windows and Linux, and is pre-installed in Kali Linux as well.

Digital forensics suite created by Guidance Software. This tool is available for free under GPL license.

Top 20 Trending Computer Forensics Tools of | Information Security

X-Ways Forensics X-ways is a German product and has a lot of features, it can be considered an exhaustive tool. It generates easy to understand reports for easier correlation.

The network packets can then be analyzed for malicious activity. The freeware version can be downloaded from http: It runs on 32 or 64 bit of Windows XP above.

Magnet RAM Capture 5. ExifTool helps you to read, write and edit meta information for a number of file types.

Conclusion The article contains some of windoss popular forensic tools. The tool is built for ease of use and to provide extensibility- user can customize the tool, and is able to add new functionality by creating plug-ins. More Articles for you! The company also provides custom development and training to help the users take full advantage of the tool. It can examine emails from both web and application based mail clients.

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