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I once did a TV show with George Duke as musical director, and he prepared all of the band's charts exclusively in Logic. EXSP24 Over the course of the last 20 years, no musical instrument has influenced music production more than the sampler. The Main Effect If there's one effect that is particularly identified with the electric piano, it's Tremolo. Support of AU as of Logic 5. Although future development of Logic on the Windows platform has come to an end, ongoing support of Emagic's current products has not slowed one bit, resulting in a steady stream of significant updates.

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As all EXSP24 users receive over MB of sounds from the world's finest Sample Instrument Library cost-free when they register, they can concentrate on the most important thing from the start: Hopefully downloading emagiic my solve the problem musik production for film products and composing own song and some other stuff i will try to get with the software and how to use it perfect Emagic Logic Platinum 5.

I last used Logic extensively in the days of Logic 3, so the newer graphics were a bit unsettling at first. The core of the EXSP24's sound sculpting revolves around a superior lowpass filter with an integrated distortion and fatness-circuit. The Tremolo, with rate and intensity controls, recreates the classic effects that made so many Rhodes passages so memorable.

Musicians and sound designers can draw from a whole host of sounds and an exclusive range of synthesis techniques to crerate radical sounds or the most subtle pkatinum sound changes.

In any case you still have 6 other reverbs to choose from when using Logic Platinum 5. Archived from the original on 9 April These creative solutions ensure the most efficient workflow allowing you to quickly and easily realize your sonic ideas.

Of course, you can create crossfades between the regions. Feel free to try and do this if you want to once the product has been delivered.

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July 18, March 08, I wish a few features I'm fond of in Digital Performer were available in Logic, such as the ability to drag the mixer's Mute and Solo buttons without having to click on them individually; an additional layer of unlimited takes in each track, which would eliminate the need to create new tracks for each overdub; and the ability to automatically create a folder for the audio files nested in a project folder.

May 21,ppatinum Logic Audio Release Dates timeline approximate? All feature an elegant plztinum graphical user interface.

Really, there are no dogs in the whole collection. Currently, you can automate volume, pan, mute, send, plug-ins, and solo. December 14, Iger Andrea Jung Arthur D.

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September 12, Setup was a piece of cake. I'd also like options beyond those currently available for creating custom mixer views as I do in other DAWs. Oh, and we almost forgot: Small complaints aside, Logic Platinum 5. Did you miss your activation email? April 10, Because of this, the EVP 73 expressively reacts to the player's every nuance with impressive realism.

Emagic Logic Platinum 5.5.1 Update

Home Downloads Blog User Reviews. July 17, OMF import and export at bit.

Of course, muting the fader in the audo automatically silences all tracks assigned to that voice. The result is unprecedented amounts of DSP and nearly nonexistent latency in native systems, and that's a very good thing.

The latter allows floating frequencies over the complete key range. The Main Effect If there's one effect that is particularly identified with the electric piano, it's Tremolo.

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