Commercial sublease agreement template

There will be two sections: You can download these templates as is or make changes to suit your requirements. If Sublessee signs as a corporation, each of the persons executing this Sublease on behalf of Sublessee represent and warrant that they have the authority to bind Sublessee, Sublessee has been and is qualified to do business in the State of California, that the corporation has full right and authority to enter into this Sublease, and that all persons signing on behalf of the corporation were authorized to do so by appropriate corporate actions. Invoices with respect to the costs chargeable to Tenant under this Paragraph 6 shall be addressed to Tenant in care of Subtenant at the Sublease Premises, copy to Tenant. For purposes of this Sublease, Sublessor shall not be deemed in default hereunder unless and until Sublessee shall first deliver to Sublessor written notice of such default, and Sublessor shall fail to promptly cure said default or to commence to cure said default and thereafter diligently prosecute the same to completion.

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