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The phone is curved nicely on the back, meaning it sits well in the palm. Copyright Office rules in favor of your right to repair your own phone Copyright Office rules in favor of your right to repair your own phone by Marrian Zhou. Retrieved 7 May The HD2 is a Windows Mobile 6. This means a microUSB lead, an adaptor to let you plug said lead into the wall, a pair of headphones that double as a pretty cool with remote control for the music player hands-free kit, and of course the phone itself.

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In SeptemberCyanogenMod 14 which is based on Android 7. Of course Windows Mobile 6.

HTC HD2 boots Windows Phone 8!

Archived from the original on 29 December It's also the first WinMo phone to use HTC's Sense UIpreviously used on the company's Android handsets, bringing with it Facebook integration and direct Twitter access, as well as masking well the operating system beneath it.

The HD2 is sold with a black or brown leather slip-case with a velvet interior in certain countries.

The best smartphone ever? The device comes with a 4. This page was last edited on 14 Augustat However, several developers at XDA Developers prepared unofficial 6.

T-Mobile HD2 vs HTC HD2 Comparison - Pocketnow

The HTC HD2 is the world's first Windows Mobile-toting phone with a capacitive screen, and also packs the world's largest mobile phone display too. The phone is curved nicely on the back, meaning it sits well in the palm. According to Microsoft, the reason for Window Phone 8 not being able to make it to existing Windows Phone 7. The magnetometer is used for applications such as the pre-loaded digital compass.

Retrieved 2 May What are your thoughts on this news? The latter really improves the user experience, which--coupled with the beautiful 4. HTC officially sells an optional capacitive stylus pen for the HD2 to aid navigation through the interface. We're not too sure we like the fact we only get one USB lead that doubles as both the charger and the computer connector, but with the polar bears in trouble the way they are, it's only fair we all do our bit. Camera The HD2 features a 5-megapixel camera with autofocus, dual LED flash, video-recording capabilities, and the standard editing options.

Running Windows Mobile 6. It's an odd place to put this pair, with the common option being at the top or in the top corners, and it means a headphone jack can sometimes get caught up in the pocket. Windows Phone Genuine checks prevent access to Windows Live services. Retrieved 23 Dec Revenge of the Fallen" movies, both of which have been optimized for viewing on the smartphone's display.

HTC HD2 - Full phone specifications

The developer team posted few photos on Twitter as proof for the same and has been attached in this post above.

Other than that, there's very little else on the HD2 button-wise. Still, for such a feature-packed phone, we're amazed at its thinness. It's also hard to text in portrait mode when listening to music — we know that sounds like a pretty niche situation, but as the multimedia aspects of the HD2 have also been upgraded, this is important.

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The rear of the phone is also pretty minimal as well htcc apart from the camera with dual LED flash there's very little else to look at. Blockbuster On Demand The HD2 will be the first handset to support Blockbuster's On Demand video download application, which lets you preview and download movies on the go.

Keeping with HTC tradition, the box is a slim design featuring just the basic components. It was codenamed Leoalthough a decal nobile the back cover conflictingly identified it as the Pro. In addition to a traditional onboard keyboard, you'll also be able to use Swype, which lets you spell out a word by dragging your finger on the keyboard from letter to letter.

There is still a high level of demand for the product amongst businesses, due to the fact that many have apps that operate solely on the Windows Mobile 6. With GPS, you'll also be able to geotag photos.

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