Gta sa map editor 1.0

How i can correct this what program i need to? Is there any mac version for it? Ryan You have to click on the black "Download now" Button and than you have to wait 3 seconds or click on one of the two links. Bei Fragen bitte in unser Forum schreiben.

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Kommentar schreiben Write comment:. Plz help, i have win 7 32 bit.

Map Editor

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It crashes way too often and its been 11 years since the last update? Excellent tutorial available at http: CJV commented over a year ago: Criminals Online This site: How i can correct this what program i need to?

Verify the, S3TC extension is supported. Hey, my mod doesn't work anymore The screen where is to be showing the map sorry for my bad english is black.

Colfile support will be expanded on in later releases. Say Thanks Sign up to access this! Add Post Sign up to access this!

Isn't working on Windows 8, any fixes yet? The fields in orange must be filled out.: Vote Sign up to access this! After doing Mapping my game is crashing any fix?? Tutorials are available on www. These features may be added later on, but for now the major goal is to get the editor stable. L - Cheats.

GTA:SA Tools

Although we make every effort to ensure the validity of submissions to the GTAGarage database, GTANet cannot accept responsibility for the contents of user submitted files. Sorry for caps lock.

Again, not doing so will prevent MEd from running. Willkommen im Net Vision Work.

Miscellaneous new map editor gta sa Genre Mapping. Camping Mobile Save H My Graphics Card is Used: MikuAuahDark Joined 8y ago. Hi guys, After I clicked the links above, nothing happened. MapEditor only Loads White Texture. ยป MapEditor

MEd will allow you to add, move and delete objects on the map using a simple drag, new, copy and paste technique. Original Authors Tony Wroblewski. GTA V will be released on Neue Modelle bei Sout Always update to the latest drivers before using this tool, as the default Windows XP drivers will cause you problems.

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