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When he tries to wipe the spit away, the crucifix falls and shatters. Claire is asked to change her image to help Frank's campaign. Frank gets confronted about the Jordan Valley mission while campaigning.

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Frank tries to outmaneuver a potential challenger and ends up face to face with a higher power. Die Quelle des Terrors. Februar bis zum Heather Dunbar defends the government in a Supreme Court case regarding a soldier who was unintentionally injured in the drone airstrike Frank ordered.

Frank, enraged, hangs up—the entire Jordan Valley operation is now in danger. Yates reminisces about his past as a prostitute.

Frank fights off mutiny with a bold address to the country. Even when Frank presents a compromise, Petrov still declines, so Frank ends the deal. Remy, houss by a run-in with police after being pulled over in D. Frank sitzt auf Grund eines Terror-Alarms im Kapitol fest. Er weist Brockhart deshalb an, sich im Geheimdienstausschuss gegen eine Intervention Russlands auszusprechen. Retrieved September 15, Frank encourages Jackie to run in and speak out against Frank and America Works to divert Dunbar's pressure regarding Russia.

Retrieved June 5, Jackie initially appears to understand Frank but she soon drops out of the race and endorses Heather Dunbar for the nomination. Senate and House leaders demand the President sign a bill preventing the future appropriation of funds to AmWorks.

Um die Geschichte von Russos Selbstmord aufrechtzuerhalten, muss Doug sein ganzes manipulatives Talent einsetzen, um die Entdeckung durch Zoe und Janine zu verhindern.

Petrov flirts with Claire all night, eventually kissing her. Yates manages to have his first conversation with Claire while she donates blood, where she tells him she re-evaluates her marriage with Frank every seven years and suggests she is not completely satisfied.

Palestine follows Israel in withdrawing support from the peace-keeping resolution. Die dritte Staffel wurde am Frank to get potential financial contributors for his campaign; Claire to senators to sway their vote on her nomination.

He tells Claire her peace plan is dead. Die zweite Staffel wurde am Er gibt sich wieder dem Alkohol hin. Mai bis zum 4. Gavin continues to discreetly help Doug find Rachel through his job at the FBI, but is nearly caught when he exceeds the bandwidth of the server.

In the Situation Roomhe watches the special operation in the Jordan Valley unfold; it fails, and the mission is aborted. She meets privately with Frank and demands that he drop out of the race, but Frank is unfazed and denies the journal's existence.

Im Angesicht des Todes. Things turn ugly when FrankJackieand Heather square off during their first debate.

House of Cards

Claire later indicates doubts about their marriage and mutual trust after Frank says that her decision to resign the ambassadorship was entirely her own. Zoe wird bewusst, dass Frank sie ausgenutzt hat, worauf sie sich von ihm distanziert.

Retrieved July 23, Yates trifft sich mit Doug und nouse ein Treffen mit Claire. Yates reveals that stfafel is not the true author of his first successful novel, but took all the credit for it.

The hurricane avoids landfall.

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