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IF this is a digital download version no CD then it should have an install. Keep checking the ebay stores. In the Network Center, clicking on the Network type opens the window to the right.

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Another solution is to slow things down by padding your list boxes. I've tested this on a Windows 7 workstation and Windows XP - both have same issues. On April 3, the movement was noted by the technical press.

You are trying to run FoxPro 2. Visual FoxPro is an application designed for fast Pentium machines. Obviously, FoxPro applications will continue to work. This program executes under Windows as a process and is in charge of the DOS applications.

Next check the Config. This problem is not unique to drive D.

If you are not sure, there MAY be a file called "config. This thread is locked. Not a database File When you try to open a FoxPro 2.

Visual FoxPro

All versions listed are for Windows. As to what file to download and how to do it, mark If you can provide a MCVE that demonstrates the problem so that we can see the code and reproduce it ourselves, we can try and help.

Some people get C5 errors running VFP with the windws set to colors and x resolution. Microsoft has clarified that the VFP core will still remain closed source.

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For people who need a century default of "20", there are other solutions. In the freeware section of this web site is a utility called Data Wire Four.

EXE for any version of FoxPro 2. Foxpgo solution is to create your own Visual FoxPro runtime. For example, you can switch to Visual FoxPro. Table of Contents Disclaimer Error: Please try again now or at a later time. I am trying to run a foxpro application on windows Copies float on and off that site all the time. Instead, I simply copied my c: DRapp 37k 10 54 This is fixable but it requires a lot of registry fu and farting around with policy editors.

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This was helpful 0. To help other people, I created a FoxPro 2. It should answer some of your installation and compatibility questions.

Sets the maximum number of memory variables that FoxPro can maintain.

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