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I shrunk down the brush as I changed from one colour to another. Just pick the colors around the dark dots by color picker. Maybe you feel like the image is missing something. But in the digital painting era, it's always easy to go back.

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In the image below we spot three areas need further improvement. When working on quick sketches, try to give yourself time limits, both per sketch and for the overall sketching process.

Every tool will be taken to make it more realistic and eye-catching. Usually it is not the part you focus on causes the problem but lhotoshop part you ignored. Edges are quite important if you want to paint something realistic.

Maybe you feel like the digitxl is missing something. This is more detailed version of the value we used to fill some of the blocks.

Swan is the part we want our audience focus on. This will make the line disappear into surrounding blocks. Keep it low at first. It should have more reflections, which means more highlights. Light at the bottom has a very ugly edge. First, it implies the direction of the primary light source in the image in this case, the sun.

Again using brush 1 to improve.

How Lois van Baarle created “Red” |

Note we put them in separate layer for future selection and coloring. The left part seems not fully de-saturated. Activate sketch layer, use Magic Wand tool W to click on the background, we will select the background area, then create a new layer on top of the sketch layer with the selection on. Now we start blocking the image on the sketch layer. This concept will begin as a sketch and then slowly build up to the final result.

This blur technique will be used frequently afterward in any situation, which makes hard edges or borders. And at last we have this image, no big change but you can see the difference. Now the whole image seems digiital saturated, we need to lower saturation down except the swan.

Then paint with pressure gradually increasing. Digital painting just like traditional painting is something that takes a lot of practice. Try to move our eyes to other part of the image rather than swan. Use the sketch layers to select background, then activate image we are working on with selections on.

I use a Wacom Cintiq but can also recommend its Intuos product line.

Create a Photo Realistic Digital Painting in Photoshop

Envato Market has a pnotoshop of items for sale to help get you started. We will use brush 2 painting on the darken areas to mask.

Use Smudge Tool to work. Keep these light positions in mind, we will use it later in blocking and coloring. Use very little pressure, make small alteration. Use white to lighten and dark to darken.

We will use a curve adjustment layer to darken the areas we mentioned above, this is how we do it. Photosnop let's go to the coloring part.

Brush 2 is actually a basic hard round brush with shape dynamics option on. Get access to overcreative assets on Envato Elements.

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