Best of reggaeton

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Well, looks like I need to add these to my spotify playlist. He's got the fullest, most musical flow in Spanish-language rap, hands down, and it fits like the most enjoyable of ball gags into reggaeton's ready DSLs.

20 Reggaeton Songs That Are Better Than Despacito – Ready. Jess. Go.

Tanta Falta Bryant Myers. And through it all, those old-school Latin instruments on backup, tooting and chortling to hold the thing down. Cardi B Ozuna Genre: No, this is not a song about how Maluma accidentally erased his cassette tapes. He learned that trick from Wisin y Yandel, original wingmen. A controversial beet, we know. That's probably because Alexis y Fido aren't as great; oc are.

Drake Bad Bunny Genre: Think of this as like the grand finale to this list.

You know "Give Me Everything," the ridiculously popular Pitbull song in which he hypnotizes half a clubful of bitches into going home with the nasty, cologney, entirely unloveable club rats who've been stuck to their rears all night? Tego dressed his girls in tutus long before Kanye recruited the freshman class of the Royal Ballet for "Runaway.

20 Reggaeton Songs That Are Better Than Despacito

I stressed out more than was probably necessary about which Wisin y Yandel song to put on here, because there are so many good ones. This is probably one of regggaeton most amusing posts I have ever read!

We've got a feeling even an OG like Tego would have few regrets spooning with his down comforter to that voice. There's no dance-party-quality version of the track with Residente's contributions on YouTube, but if you like it well enough without him, the remix is a must.

But Despacito over them even rsggaeton it is slightly overplayed and starting to get on my nerves haha.

In fact, Daddy Yankee is the reigning king of reggaeton. Hasta el Amanecer Nicky Jam Genre: Only with them, we wake up still believing the lies -- from dudes as sleazy as Enrique Iglesias -- all through the walk of shame and the hangover.

iTunes Top 100 Reggaeton Songs

Not sure how it's possible, but the drop on "Nadie Como Tu" seems to fall faster and deeper than any Bwst Bow before or since; it might even bottom out at one point. Think I missed one? So like, all of them. Haha, I used to listen to reggaeton when I was living in Madrid.

In fact, he's managed to weasel his way onto our list here by way of a single piece of fanboy imagery in "Atrevate Te Te": Wisin Nicky Jam Genre: Girls who rap in ponchos and bikinis! El Amante Nicky Jam. Ambiente J Balvin Genre: Dura Daddy Yankee Genre: So for our limited purposes -- a beginner's guide, not some hot new mixtape out the Dominican Republic underground -- we'll set some priorities.

The verses sound a lot bes, but the beat and the chorus are basically the same.

iTunes Top Reggaeton y Hip-Hop Songs

Gasolina is the best!! Hasta el Amanecer Nicky Jam. But you already knew that, didn't you. Say what you will about his impish douche stance, bucket hat and Guido haircut -- dude started the revolution with "Gasolina" in earlyand on one solid album per year, he'll die trying to re-facilitate that first fix.

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