Acura mdx map update

Keeping your navigation system current is critical for maximum performance, safety, and fuel economy. They rarely if ever will work as you always need a unique customer authentication code in order to install your map update disk. If you have some bugs like the top screen contrast issues, then it might be worth a try. In addition to that, trying to load a ripped DVD into the Acura Navigation System software could irreparably damage the GPS — and would mean your warranty or guarantee would be invalidated. Maybe 6 months old.

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Click hereselect your make and model zcura access the official Honda FAQ site about your navigation system. The reason behind the cost-savings is because your Acura GPS will offer to take you via the quickest or shortest routes possible — which in turn reduces your fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Originally Posted by Illustro View Post.

The Official Acura Map Update Site | MDX | | Green DVD Map Update | HERE

Updatte information Please Note: In rare situations, some of your mapp might be kept as they are maintained by third parties. Do not use a Database version from a previous purchase. Be aware that this website is purely for education and information purposes only.

Microsoft Bing, Facebook and Yahoo Maps are also listed as clients. Acura Navigation Update Welcome to the Acura page. Welcome to the Acura page. These inputs are unique to you.

These are very useful navigation items that include locations such as tourist attractions, gas stations, ATMs, shopping malls, accommodation, places to eat, and plenty more — meaning you will never be stuck for ideas on a day out, or be short of cash or fuel in an emergency. My Garmin has the changes. Note that passwords are case-sensitive. You may place an order updatf it will not ship until that date.

Navigation Updates

By afura this you can continue to drive and use your Acura navigation system with the quality of directions and routes that you expect to receive… and of course, it will lessen the chances of you ever getting lost or becoming disorientated whilst driving with the latest software release. Maybe 6 months old. For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome.

Turn on the ignition in your Acura car or vehicle Locate the Acura Navigation System disc tray, and eject the existing disc Insert your new Acura Navi disc An update screen should appear and you will be prompted to enter your unique customer authentication code printed on the DVD case and packaging Map updates will now start, but be warned this could take anything up to 2 hours to install Once completed you can now drive again with the latest map software Acyra note that you should never remove the Acura DVD or turn the car off whilst the Acura map updates are installing.

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2018 Green DVD Map Update

How is that possible? If you enter an incorrect or old Database version - then the incorrect part number will be added to the cart that could damage your system. I maap a '15 CPO and havent gotten anything.

If you want to make sure that your in-dash Acura navigation system is upgraded and updated with the changes that have occurred to roads, streets, junctions, subdivisions, and highways since the last Acura DVD was released then you will need to purchase Acura map updates on disk. The update is still missing a portion of my city built in Visit the Acura Navigation Center for the latest map updates for u;date vehicle.

These are brand new. For the map updates alone, i don't think it's worth it. Please follow the steps outlined below: I called the dealer,service. There are different versions of the Acura Navi DVD available and if you are not sure which one you need to purchase then all you need to do is check on your existing disc to see what number it is — the version should be formed updatw like Ver: Looks like it only just shows the map version it updates to, which is st If you enter incorrect data you will receive the wrong product.

Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. I have the maps in my 05 mdx, it is nice of acura to still provide updates 13 years later. Does your GPS map have the most up to date roads and points of interest?

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