Ibm tape diagnostic tool

Also note that it may take some time until the full write actually aborts. Type E and press Enter to start the encryption test. This test shall be used to verify if data on the cartridge was actually written encrypted. Type D and press Enter to start the firmware dump for the selected device.

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For the Standard Edition, no additional install of the Test Tool is required, once the program file has been extracted from the archive it can be executed immediately.

tapeutil, itdt and mtlib commands

The term tapeutil is a synonym for the tool that was delivered with the device driver. Customer written code is the responsibility of the customer. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: If an error occured during the full write, data will be only written partially. See link below if needed.

The diagnostics will overwrite any data that is on the cartridge so be sure to use a cartridge that does not contain data. Contact and feedback Need support? From the New Configuration screen select: During the scan operation, a bar in the lower left edge of the screen will show that the scan operation is still in progress. You can optionally type A followed by a space and an additional information text and press Enter.

IBM TotalStorage Tape Diagnostic Tool README (ITDT) v - United States

The term tapeutil diagnoshic a synonym for the tool that was delivered with the device driver. To export a cartridge from slot 1 using the OCP: Verify the encryption environment.

Select the device you want to test by entering its number and press Enter. Verify tape drive compression. Verify tape drive compression.

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This is intented for devices that can not be recognized or have a technical problem which can not be determined by ITDT-SE. To test tape drives within a library, the library must be in online mode.

Check the box next to the correct version and click continue. Perform firmware update check and retrieval for tape drives and libraries.

The selected device is marked with an X in the rightmost column. Type U followed by the Enter disgnostic to start the tape usage log retrieval. The full write runs only on tape drives not on autoloaders or libraries. Start itdt At first program startup, the license text will be displayed and the input and output directories will be created. Select the appropriate box for the version desired and click continue.

IBM Using the IBM Tape Diagnostic Tool - United States

Determine the latest firmware files available from the Web site: Repeated Scan operations may help to rediscover the device. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Retrieve dumps from tape drives and libraries. The full write functionality erases user data on the cartridge that is used for the test!

In the example above, the tape drive 1 shall be selected, so 1 followed by Enter will select that device: The test runs only on tape drives not on autoloaders or libraries. Type R and press Enter to return to the Device List. Posted by rogerluethy on March 19, https: When run with compressible data, the diagostic will show the compression rate. Veritas does not guarantee the accuracy regarding the completeness of the translation.

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