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You agree to indemnify and hold P22 harmless from any and all claims, liabilities, and costs including attorney's fees, arising out of your breach of this agreement or promises you made. The basic P22 license allows for the embedding of P22 fonts only if the document created is set to "Print and Preview". P22 Cezanne Pro includes full western and central European character sets and Cyrillic for typesetting in dozens of languages. This agreement is governed by and constructed in accordance with the laws of the State of New York.

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Professional use cezwnne work performed by, not limited to, freelance designers, small design firms and corporate advertising firms that incorporate P22 fonts within a design for a cezanje or self-promotion. James Grieshaber, Michael Want Company: P22's Cezanne is one of the most intriguing script fonts in recent years.

The font may be modified if properly licensed for non-commercial or in-house use. However, one of the drawbacks of its great popularity is that Cezanne may have become too recognizable and possibly not as irregular as one would wish for in a handwriting font. This applies to in-house or client based work. If P22 fonts can be extracted, edited and therefore transferred in any way, an additional license is gont to account for each recipient of the document and font file s 5.

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The basic P22 distributed software license is limited for use on a total of 5 devices at one site for use on a single platform. If the fonts are purchased in hard copy lro CD-ROM or floppy diskremoving the media from its protective sleeve eczanne pouch, DVD cases, or other in which the media is contained constitutes the same agreement.

A royalty based Commercial license is required when P22 font software is used to create a product sold for profit. Please register your fonts and remember that free software is an exception, not the rule.

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Related Fonts You may also like related fonts in. Designers consider Cezanne ideal for various projects. This font viewed times and downloaded 64 times. P22 type foundry www. If downloaded or received by e-mail, all files must be deleted.

A device is defined as a computer, printer, character generator, server or any other machine that uses font data to rasterize letterforms. Copyright c by P22 type foundry. To ensure that P22 continues to bring you more exciting, historically relevant type, please take the time to read this agreement. Platform refers to operating systems designated as 'Macintosh', 'Windows' or other.

Such material will be blocked immediately. Call P22 at to receive your large scale campaign quote. You End User have not purchased the ownership rights to this font, but rather a license to use this font on a limited basis. It defies the stereotype of the typical font because of its striking look of natural hand lettering.

If you are a copyright owner, and you see that you work has been uploaded with the violation of the copyright, please contact us. A signed affidavit may be required to receive a refund.

Franklin Gothic Heavy Added: Help support a healthier Spam-free environment! Work transported from one distinct network to another distinct network, via a laptop requires each network to be licensed properly.

Cezanne appears just about everywhere, including dozens of CD covers, coffee shop and restaurant facades, menus, packaging, book jackets and even in scrap booking accents. It might not be the most fascinating read, but its very important and may answer many questions that you may have. The modified font software may not be sold or distributed. The font is classified as regular fonts. This new Cezanne Pro OpenType cezabne includes over 1, glyphs and "smart features" that will automatically substitute letter combinations to create an even more natural handwriting effect than was possible with its predecessor.

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