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Or tax for export. Don't you think so? Maybe for example Building Streets. And they can sell services which you need invent first:

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Keys for browsing records within list boxes.

When you want to browse the main product list, simply move your mouse cursor there, and use the shortcut keys, as shown below.

Subscribe to Capitalism Lab Newsletter to receive latest updates: Or tax for export. If no firm is currently selected, it will automatically select the next available firm within the current filter. And they can sell services which you need invent first: The Digital Age DLC offers you an exciting opportunity to build a tech startup at the dawn of the digital age and oversee its growth to eventually become a tech powerhouse that joins the ranks of tech titans such as Microsoft and Google.

Also you can sell the Mobile Payment to your Firms and activate or deactivate them in the Shops. Maybe you can go to univerity or shools and do promotion and get Good People who boost your Tech in Middleshools the boost your Production and so on.

Here is some feedback to your suggestion: Maybe include some more gadgets like Service Firms like Logistics- Because you spent a lot of money for Shipping or other Things if you own your own company you could reduce the cqpitalism and make profit out of it.

I think this will lag the path you can focus guy's, that will be a whole new thing the graphics i would let 2D and they're are really not bad at all. Maybe they can Invest into A citys population Growth index or other index or capitalismm them and sell it to the consuments not only firms and if they do wrong the economy will fall.

I love capitalism 2 with labs and the expansions but the game is old, and not optimized for modern pc's.

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Author Post time Subject Direction: We will provide you with a full refund, no questions asked. If you wanne hear more or like the idea tell capiitalism or ask me i would give more ideasi If not just maybe get an inspiration or dicuss with me.

For example, there are several list boxes on the Products report. It's nothing much you can improve more beside details and addint new content.

Capitalism II and Capitalism Lab Forum

Or Banks which can not only invest into firms. If a firm is already selected, it will show the next firm within the current filter.

On the Product Summary Report — Double-click on a product image to open the Product Detail report of the clicked product. Subscribe to Capitalism Lab Newsletter to receive latest updates: I just have al lots of ideas: Subscribe to Capitalism Lab Newsletter to receive latest updates:.

Subscribe to Capitalism Lab Newsletter to receive latest updates:. If the perceived value of the game with new graphics is only incremental, it is not going to be worth the cost and the resources are better to be allocated to developing new features.

Script Basics - Capitalism Lab

Then pls keep it 2D. Click here to see the system requirements of Capitalism Lab. Capitalism 3 Feel free to engage in discussions about game development in general here. Maybe for example Building Streets. That's a game witch shines with gameplay and not with graphics i'm sorry gamd my bad englisch, i speak german.

Our goal is to keep adding truly innovative gameplay features capjtalism the game, further cementing its reputation as the best business simulation game ever released.

All posts 1 day 7 days 2 weeks 1 month 3 months 6 months 1 year Sort by: Just renew the Interface a little bit and make it more interactive.

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