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The prime focus of this file manager is on dealing with multiple folders at the same time. You can color-coordinate your tags, then organize them thematically into groups for easy recall. XYplorer is pretty nice, the UI is easier to navigate, but they don't have full dark mode and they can't display PDFs using modern PDF viewers because they don't recognize 64bit previewers really, in ?! The folders are customizable; you can even bookmark and add folders if you prefer. It's extremely fast too, using multi-threading for faster processing and enabling you to queue and manage operations.

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You really expect to get the best for free? You can advanced control over your folders and change permissions.

10 best Android file explorer apps, file browser apps, and file manager apps

I don't mind unintrusive, static ads alongside the content, which get displayed fild my ad blocker. Once you've started transferring a big chunk of files, there's no way to pause and restart the process, you can't create a new folder without digging into a menu, and forget batch renaming — it's not happening. The Total Commander File manager equips all the necessary features that a user might prefer.

For a basic utility this is massively out of line so I've stuck with v. You can change the number of panes and arrange them vertically and horizontally.

Asus File Manager comes with a built-in recycle bin to help you recover files after you delete them.

Alternative File Managers I've gone back to using WinFile for making copying files between volumes, user's full profile for full backups,etc. I believe that it exceeds most of the file managers mentioned in the article with the exception of fman which has the advantage of running across three operating systems but has a steep learning curve due to it being totally keyboard driven. Another one is oMega Commander, which has MS office ribbon style, which make it looks quite modern.

You can try both versions free for 30 days.

6 Best Free File Managers For Windows Alternatives To File Explorer |

I recommend buying a license even if development is slow currently - there is not much to be optimized though anyway. I feel they earn the money I use for major upgrades every average three or so years.

Total Commander is one of the more powerful and highly rated file manager apps. It has pretty much everything I need tabs, plugins, etc Rather, it aims to offer an alternative solution that remedies some of the glaring omissions within the native Windows app.

For home users, the Professional edition will be fine. For later versions they hit you up for a yearly rental fee. Unfortunately, although there are keyboard shortcuts for common tasks, there's no way dile customize them or add new ones to speed up your workflow. It's a good choice for those switching away from ES File Explorer especially. These were some great alternatives to File Explorer or Windows Explorer—whatever you call it.

Which Windows File Explorer replacements do you use?

6 Best Free File Managers For Windows 10: Alternatives To File Explorer | 2018

If there is a folder that you access often, you can just add that folder right to your homescreen, and bypass the file explorer all together. Being able to connect with all of your cloud accounts is a very important in any file manager. Manageer have adjusted the properties to Win 8 compatible and to run as an administrator, and at mannager that seemed to work, it is slowly going back to crashing regularly.

This is where Directory Opus really shines — pretty much every aspect of its operation can be tweaked and tuned to suit your needs. There are several apps that will let you go through your files right from your phone. Other than your local files and folders, this Windows explorer alternative can also open network drives. It sounds like a minor quibble, but it's a major drawback and one the developer seems to be aware of; there's a link to a screen magnifier at the top right.

10 best Android file explorer apps, file manager apps, and file browser apps

Nevertheless, it is one of the full-featured file explorers for Android. It managers to include the most important stuff without feeling bloated. I use TotalCommander, it's written in Delphi language!

TagSpaces is an open source file organizer. MK File Explorer is yet another Android file manager app that carries a simple but pleasant user interface.

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