Animations in physics

Two balls falling near the Earth's surface under the influence of gravity. A simple demonstration of the relation between the dot product of 2 vectors and the angle between them. Crookes tube - Maltese cross tube. DC and AC motors and generators. Kepler's 3rd Law — outer planets.

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A simple buzzer consisting of a battery, a flexibile metal strip, a piece of iron, and some wire. This section is currently a collection of resources on applications. Requires Animaitons 5; file size is 42k.

Also included is the minimum version of the Flash player that is required; the player is available free from http: Shows the effect of changing the time base control on the display when there is an input voltage varying in time.

The logistic map, which demonstrates the bifurcations of the population levels preceding the transition to chaos. Also see Further educational sites from Joe Wolfe.

Projectile motion animaions Hand grenade. Animationw you wish to put a copy of an animation on your own web server, you may wish to know that in all cases the name of the animation file is the same as the name of the html file that accesses it, except that the filename extension is.

The frequencies of the waves are proportional to one over the wavelength. Shows the effect of changing the voltage animatins on the display. Fisikako Flash animazioak euskeratu dira eta helbide honetan eskura daitezke http: More learning resources are available at http: The famous "Feynman Double Slit Experiment" for electrons.

Requires Flash 5; file size is 12k.

Pulley fixed and free. Ampere's right hand screw rules. Requires Flash 6 and a computer with reasonable power; file size is 40k.

Electricity and Magnetism

Dropping a ball in a viscous liquid. We show the weight and force exerted by the tension in the string. Requires Flash 6; file size is 81k. Illustrating the relation between wavelengths and frequencies of a wave when it travels from one medium to another.

Requires Aniations 6; file size is 7. Requires Flash 6; file size is 1k. Requires Flash 6; file size is k. A wave is reflected back and forth between two barriers, setting up a standing wave.

A visualisation exploration snimations the kinematics of projectile motion.

Physics animations and film clips: Physclips.

A very brief introduction to the physics and psychophysics of music, with an emphasis on temperament, the relationship between notes.

Also linked to from the Classical Mechanics section. Requires Flash 5; file size is 3.

Kepler's 3rd Law — inner planets. Also shown is a hydraulic system in which water drives a turbine.

Physics Animations

Rutherford gold foil experiment. Looking at the Lorenz Attractor in a chaotic regime, allowing the attractor to be rotated.

Homopolar motors and generators Homopolar generators in different configurations.

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