Hellgate london patch

Please note that the graphics from new fields still override those of previous fields. Each Tempest cloud now lasts for 15 seconds and has a range of 15 meters. It required two points in Weapon Master to unlock, thus requiring fewer total points to unlock than before.

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Hellgate: London Unleashes Patch 1.2

Blademaster Path of Righteousness Path of Hellgte now applies damage from offhand melee weapons. Fixed a bug which sometimes caused collection side-quest counters to count down under certain conditions. Fixes Fixed a bug where characters would not save when they killed 65, monsters in one session. Fixed a bug which allowed the Wurm encounter to be exploited. This is available once at no cost for qualifying items.

Fixed a rare bug where Templar could equip both the Cleanser and a shield. The rank progression of this spell has changed. The casting time has been reduced by 1 second. The number of shards fired is now fixed at 7, but multiple shards stack with each other.

Fire Extinguishers now give the appropriate Ignite Defense. Fixed a bug which caused the mini-game to become stuck if the player zoned to town or quit the game immediately after completing a round of the mini-game.

Hellgate London SP Update to

Summoners Fixed a bug which sometimes caused the Warper minion icon to not display. Grenades Grenades now hellgaet direct synergies with all other Grenades.

Report problems with download to support gamepressure. Focus Items and Boots can now be made by crafters. The Ignite Attack Strength of this spell has been reduced. Each Tempest cloud now lasts for 15 seconds and has a range of 15 meters.

Vendor inventories in Nightmare difficulty should now be stocked with Nightmare-level items. This skill now provides an equal percentage increase to the Guardian's Holy Aura radius at each rank, ending with the same total increase at rank 5 as it did previously. Fixed a rare bug where equipping the Cleanser and a shield can delete the shield.

Too Many Requests

London check out our review for the game. Increasing ranks of Drain Power now work properly at all power ranges. Fixed a bug which caused the Phase Grenade to lonson receive the proper Attack Rating from the user. Multishot This skill has been moved under Weapon Master in the skill tree.

Investing a skill point into an Aura skill will no longer automatically cause it to activate. Based on the number and depth of balance changes to skills in this update, certain characters will be provided a "respec token" that allows them to reassign their skill points. Guardian Prayer of Retribution can now be used while poisoned.

Using any skill or item that boosts hsllgate will clear Escape, including Sprint. Fixed a bug that sometimes caused grenades to not fire properly when the skill is being repeated.

By rank 10, this aura provides significantly more elemental attack defense than it did previously. Afterlife The power cost of this spell has been reduced.

Fixed known Blueprint exploits. Now click any of the three "Add Property" buttons to reroll the item attributes. The initial armor provided by this spell has been decreased, but the absolute bonus to armor per rank has been increased, reaching the previous maximum armor bonus at rank The base damage of Tempest has been decreased.

Brom's Curse affects up to 4 targets for 5 seconds at rank 1.

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