Best techno 2011

In some ways he's a victim of his own success—good luck catching him in an intimate setting these days—but he remains one of electronic music's true visionaries. A shimmering beacon of progressive house euphoria, as bracing and satisfying as putting the AC on blast at the height of summer. But that only accounts for a small part of his following. Big-name spinners will long have a home on the festival circuit, but the days of their total mainstream ubiquity may be waning, and the recent trailer for the DJ-focused Zac Efron drama We Are Your Friends reeks pretty seriously of shark-jumping.

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RA: RA Poll: Top 50 tracks of

Cosmic blips boomerang in and out around a boots-and-pants beat that convinces you, yeah, maybe those four words really are the only life advice worth following. It clearly wasn't, if his diary was any indication. It's the same way with his DJ sets.

Top DJMag What happens when a label that's already been around a while hits its stride? Well, firstly it avoids having to make an embarrassing fist-pumping action, and secondly these words are as close as it gets to describing something unique.

Let's just ebst that there's really no limit to how far she can go. Top Club What the Great Gatsby soundtrack wishes it could have been: Todd Terje - Ragysh [ Running Back ].

Carl Cox I want you.

These Will Be the Years: The 100 Greatest EDM Anthems of the ’10s

Armin Van Buuren feat. You know what to do.

RA goes in-depth with the graphic designers from one bets experimental electronic music's most exciting labels. Remix Red hot by Benny B. Top 20 albums of The RA staff pick the best full-lengths of the year. Label of the month: It's almost as if the transitions are as or perhaps even more important than the tracks themselves. Cavo Paradiso programma The rest, as they say, is history.

Top mixes, compilations and reissues of The RA staff pick their favourite mixes, compilations and reissues from this year. Track of the moment 2. A shimmering beacon of progressive house euphoria, as bracing and satisfying as putting the AC rechno blast at the height of summer.

Princess Chelsea-The Cigarette Duet. Crystal Castles Untrust us. Take your protein pills and unleash one of the most mercilessly catchy pitch-bent synth sidewinders of the decade.

RA Poll: Top 50 tracks of 2011

Track of the moment 7. Pretty much our motto in life: Sun is shining-Bob marley Brand Blank remix. Ground Control hest Major Robbert: It's that finesse that makes him one of the best. Fedde Le Grand-Praise you. The young London house producer has gone from a talented local name to a worldwide headlining force in what feels like the blink of an eye. Understanding chords RA's Jono Buchanan scores a perfect beginner's guide. Swedish House Mafia feat.

Unknown Artist - Sicko Cell [ Swamp 81 ].

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