Accept balls to the wall

I think every song has a solo and there a lot of prominent leads as well. But they're normal people, another minority. Hoffmann and his team buried our hopes in a negligent and avaricious manner. And yet, it's time to respect these people, open our minds which are often closed. The video edit of the song clocks in at four minutes and twenty eight seconds long, while the album version is five minutes and forty four seconds long.

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How many masterpieces does a band release in a row?

Archives of Enfer Magazine issues and of the said interview can be found here: Well, 'Balls to the Wall' is a great way to describe blals album, and just a great title for it as well.

In the mid-'80s, MTV was featuring this and other Accept videos with high visibility.

The title track opens with the stereotypical Accept bludgeoning, a meaty riff that beckons all those who listen to bang their heads. Honestly speaking, I still do not understand how the band was able to hammer out such a merciless neckbreaker. Their energy and aggressiveness resemble those of an air raid, with dropping bombs, aiming to obliterate everything and everyone.

It appears that Accept elected to follow the path chosen by many of the more commercial bands at the time.

And of course, we have the vicious Bon-Scott-with-his-balls-in-a-juicemaker voice of Udo Dirkschneider. European label Lark Records released the album in Decemberbut its United States release was delayed until a month later in January as to not compete with the band's then-current album Restless and Wildwhich had arrived in the US in early Or he just suffered from a lack of courage.

Hoffmann and his team buried our hopes in a negligent and avaricious manner.

Accept - Balls to the Wall - Reviews - Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

From the heavy, sharp guitars and the war-beating drums to the unique, special vocals of Udo, everything here is like a time wzll ready to explode. They are like magnets, drawing you ever closer to the majesty of Accept. If you're a guitarist I promise you it will never get boring! It is Accept's only record to attain Gold certification in the US.

Balls To The Wall

It is also on the in-game radio for Grand Theft Auto: Hoffmann and Frank can still shred in a melodic and technical fashion, giving the album enough Accept character to make good on the sticker price. A bakls number I'm weak against is "Losers And Winners". The song was featured in the movie The Wrestler. Problems playing this file?

Balls to the Wall (song) - Wikipedia

It makes me remain the times when I was sad tye "love troubles". But they're normal people, another minority. Write your own review. Only the poster of the perfectly styled band was even more convincing.

Balls to the Wall (song)

The effected added is one of heaviness, especially on the bass side of the spectrum. Furthermore, cacept Germans had managed to write extremely heavy songs like "China Lady" or "Princess of the Dawn" as well as very rapid rockets such as "Starlight" or, of course this track must be mentioned here, "Fast as a Shark". For the album, see Balls to the Wall. Every now and then you will hear a falsetto that makes you want to sing along.

The three reasons for its downfall were blatantly obvious: After my many spins of this Accept album, I'm saddened that it took avcept so long to get around to check out this band.

This German metal machine seems almost invincible. Retrieved 30 January The only real balladry on the album can be found in the last track, Winterdreams, which reminds me a bit of an early Accept track "Seawinds.

I think every song has a solo and there a lot of prominent leads as well.

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