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Last edited by takesh h on Thu Jan 22, 4: Heh, that's opposite of me. NilClass I also was not able to activate the license. There were instances that some of the scripts have caused Sketchup to freeze most probably due to extensive processing or have caused Sketchup to exit prematurely crash during our early development. It's just a work flow issue.

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This one seems to have an edge over the SU's default MoveCopy.

We have tested all the tools to work with Sketchup I have put a lot of experience in CAD and architectural practice into this to make it an efficient tool specially meant for architectural works; which i believe no body else have attempted.

Have downloaded it and about 1001bitt play with it Parametrable stairs and escalators.

Sketchup Plugin: Download bit Tools for sketchup plugin

All copyright of the scripts from bit. Last edited by takesh h on Thu Jan 22, 4: For some tools, like the edit vertex which could toolx be done with SU's Move function i'm just making it easier and some like the array tools are made to facilitate work flow that is closer to an architect's work flow; and those staircase tools are filling in missing gaps.

Thomas Thomassen Operating system: I hide all frequent toolbar and only leave the ones I use less.

Intermediate Website Top Re: I really appreciate everyone's interest and looking forward to see more feedback on my works. I copied and pasted the information, then clicked activate but nothing happened. If you find bit Pro useful and wish to continue using it beyond the dree period, you are required to obtain a user license. It's just a work flow issue. Really appreciate all the feedbacks and assistance. If you've already placed the folder in c: 1001bt got it working properly, however I still am unable to activate the license.

You agree that we will not be responsible nor liable in any outcome of using our scripts.

London, England, UK Name: Are they free rubies wrapped together and sold as a package? Signed up for the betas.

If there is any issue, please email bug report directly to help bit. I'm going to try to activate logged in as administrator. Tue Apr 08, 1: Again, my apologies, didn't really expect this to catch much attention this fast; I was taking my sweet time in my slow and easy phase testing and debugging and i believe there's much room to improve still.

1001bit Tools

Didier Bur Operating system: Few questions and suggestions from me. I'll continue to hunt the bug; meanwhile, setting up for Mac OSX please follow the steps below: You agree not to copy, modify or reverse engineer the 1001bt from us.

Please run Sketchup as administrator when you perform activation. Along with Profile Builder, this could be the find of !!!

[Plugin] bit Tools - Architectural tools for SketchUp • sketchUcation • 1

Services Shop Advertise with us. Tokyo, Japan Top Re: Those bugs have been resolved, and of course the purpose of beta testing is to catch any bugs that we might have missed.

SU's personal shortcut is not very capable either.

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