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There are also four oil derricks in the map. Three Oil derricks on either side. As the name implies, the map features a snowy theme, with each player starting position almost surrounded by water. In this map you'll fight in a very dense city. My first four maps.

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It will automaticly create a folder for you.

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It's a well detailed and smooth running shell map. This enhanced version has many ways in and out, namely 4. Nice layout and interesting use of textures. Crosstown Tactics Map Release Date: He has added trees and made it rain harder, switched some of the stuff and the amphibious carriers now have hp instead of Edited December 6, by Julbri.

Unofficial Maps by Pogie4 (C&C Generals) v1.2 addon

SP vs SV mappack Brothers wars. This is the correct location depending on your version of Windows City Siege Map Author: There are 2 moutains.

This is a nonsymmetrical map that features four cities, connected to each other by roads and bridges. Then just start up the game, you are conquet to go!

Symetrical and unbalanced Descriptions: Created by Solid Just unzip file with folders on into "Command and Conquer Generals DataMaps", usually located in your documents folder. Just extract these files to your maps folder under Command and Conquer Generals Data in My documents its where your screens are stored I have included a tga preview, comkand jpeg preview, and the map file The walls are invincible so the map kinda revolves. This map is gemerals to play play 2v2 and Left vs Right.

Command and Conquer: Generals | Files | Maps_Levels_Missions | Game Front

Geneerals in middle, river runs through it as well as mountains. A Shell Map "map that plays in the background of menu" for Generals. A 4-Player skirmish map from ppv for Generals, basic 4 corner set up, but all players start on an island with three bridges leading in and out of the base area. Added are more terrain details. A small two player map with a river deviding.

I had backup copies of those earlier.

This is a larger version of my map City Siege which is a two player. You are able to move your equipment from island to island using the carriers, there is also a supply of oil, a refinery, and stockpiles conqudr supplies all over. Three Oil derricks on either side.

You start out on three towers linked by two. Plenty of money along with oil derricks. Removed nuke bunkers and put in 2 refineries 5. It will then appear in the unofficial maps section.

To add something about the map pack, please do not attempt to put all maps into the map folder, otherwise the program will slow down, unless if you have a fast PC. Added Fence around bases. Teams are seperated by a Canal with 2 choke points at either end. Once in then start up the game and it will be in the.

There are some buildings in the combat zone and. You start out with a super-small build area and have to build the few building you can in order to maintain a steady cash flow.

This map is my first map, I will do.

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