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They feed on a fungus which they cultivate underground, in nest structures which have natural ventilation. In Ethiopia , male hamadryas baboons restore discipline after a skirmish with a rival troop. Birds , whose feathers have made them extremely adaptable and enabled them to fly, are the subject of programme five. A giant Pacific octopus sacrifices her life to tend her single clutch of eggs for six months when she gets old. The brutality and beauty of this continent is captured in the interactions of animal populations in all regions.

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Follow treasure hunters as they risk it all searching for gold. Dragon's blood trees and desert roses thrive on arid Socotraand coastal mangrove trees survive by filtering salt from seawater.

By contrast, ring-tailed lemurs in Madagascar broadcast sexual signals using scent glands. In fact, in many ways I preferred it to its cousin series, primarily because this series focuses xhannel on the survival instincts of creatures, great and small.

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The final sequence shows a female killer whale taking elephant seal pups from their nursery pool in the Falkland Islands.

Abandoned by their parents, disscovery must reach open water to feed.

The specially-commissioned score was composed by George Fenton and performed by the Band of Life. Earth's Secret Paradise New Zealand: A red-billed tropicbird bringing a meal back to its chick uses aerial agility to evade the marauding magnificent frigatebirds.

From Ddiscovery, the free encyclopedia. Made in America Anthony Bourdain: They feed on a fungus which they cultivate underground, in nest structures which have natural disdovery.

A scan of his head revealed he had less than 2 percent of a brain. Coral reefswhich rival rainforests in their diversity, are the largest living structures on Earth and are created by coral polyps.

The opening programme gives a general introduction to the series, a second look at plants, and the remainder are dedicated to some of the major animal groups. Ramadhan examines x-rays and discusses possible outcomes for channle patient.

Life Episodes: Fish

Some involved highly specialised hunting behaviour that has only recently been discovered. Venturing into rat-dominated environments, this documentary brings you face to face with the little, misunderstood creatures that live and breathe all around you.

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Retrieved 23 March Waddle All the Way W W …. The dragon's blood tree survives in semi-desert conditions by collecting moisture from mist and fog. They stalk a buffalo for three weeks as it slowly succumbs to a toxic hcannel, then cgannel the carcass in four hours.

Unusual, touching, humorous or life-changing — no story is too big or too small when it comes to the ER. A killer whale 's unique hunting strategy is revealed in "Hunters and Hunted".

Earth's Frozen Kingdom Japan: On South Africa's Cape Peninsulachacma baboons forage kelp beds exposed by the lowest tides for nutritious shark eggs and mussels. Life on Location goes behind the scenes of a time-lapse sequence in an English woodland.

According to Discovery, "Each episode tells mind-blowing stories of survival with drama, humor and suspense. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

In Thailand 's rainforests, lar gibbons use song to reinforce sexual and family bonds. Saguaro cacti produce succulent fruit to attract desert animals which ingest and disperse their seeds.

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Marine invertebratesthe descendants of one billion years of evolutionary history, are the most abundant creatures in the ocean. Follow a team of local law enforcement officers sworn to protect their communities -- and the forest. Of their 10, varieties, two cover more channl than any other plant: Mating is filmed for the first time, the end result of a long and difficult quest featured in Life on Location.

However, the attack had taken place nearly chwnnel mile away, and the footage was too distant to be considered for broadcast.

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