Cae report generator

Select this option to recalculate only the giving clubs you select for the selected institution. You are prompted to select an event ID. If the Feed Pledges check box is selected on the CR Installation page, a pledge payment of USD for the previous pledge has a debit of USD to a tender account with a journal set of 0 and a credit to accounts receivable with a journal set of 3. Displays the resulting response message from the third-party credit card processor. To capture, set Transaction Requested to Capture.

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Contributor Relations provides the ability generatorr communicate with constituents jointly to a common address rather than producing individual communications for each constituent. If you are logged onto the system as the GPS you have additional buttons such as Expected and Open, and a Transfer link.

Enter the level within the giving club that the donor is qualified for.

However, for ease of reporting, recognition information is stored by the system in base currency. Click to access the Session Details page where you can view information about all the transactions in the session. Displays the current transaction status. If selected, indicates that you do not want to generate an acknowledgement letter for this commitment. Indicates the gifts in the session that were created as a result of online giving.

Locate the row of the session to reopen and click the Expected button in that row. We recommend that your institution create an event ID for the purpose of generating custom acknowledgements.

Genrator the Anonymous check box is selected on the Recognition page when entering a transaction, the system generatpr not run these checks and does not produce an acknowledgement letter. The Contributor Relations credit card processing feature is a platform independent, component based, and secure tool that enables your organization to accept and process credit card payments for the receipt of gifts and membership dues.

The example above uses CC to designate this electronic payment tender type.

Similarly, when adjusting a transaction to zero, the system creates the necessary reversing entries and transmits them to generatro financials system.

After you click the Process, Manual, or Cancel Pmt buttons, give each process at least 30 seconds to run. When acknowledgements are processed, the system runs a series of checks to determine which letters a donor should receive. Click to process acknowledgement letters on the Acknowledgement Detail Page.

Generating a report of postprocessing results

The system adds hard credits for joint records together, but the letter code for the acknowledgement is selected based on an individual's hard credit rather than the joint hard credit calculation.

If you click a link under this heading, a page appears that gives details of all existing transaction processing information. If you are entering gift transactions in a currency other than the business unit's base currency, the currency you selected is depicted on this page. To access this page, the donor must have an established transition ID or system ID and click either the Make your gift securely feport link or the Invest in existing campaigns reoprt on the Ways to Give page.

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PeopleSoft Enterprise Contributor Relations PeopleBook - Update 1

Credit card security codes are retained until after the transaction is authorized. If an acknowledgement event ID is assigned to a designation fund, a communications record is generated. The 3C engine evaluates the selected joint options and determines which records are joined and should receive joint communication. This amount represents the total amount the organization will donate in matching gift payments to your institution as well as other institutions for the current year.

The letter code you assign can be a "generic" or blank letter code, since it is not actually used to generate letters. Use the Journal Generator Template component to review how journal templates for Contributor Relations are set up in Financials.

If an ID does not exist, enter the person's name. Displays the maximum monetary amount the organization will give to your institution in matching gift payments this year.

Displays the status a donor must have as an employee at the organization for it to match gifts. After you have posted a gift or membership with a credit card tender type to the general ledger, you can then process it through the third-party payment processor, CyberSource.

If selected, indicates that you will generate a custom acknowledgement letter for this commitment. For example, the transaction was denied by the donor's bank.

Click the Explain button beside a message on the Message Log to access a PeopleTools Explain page where you cas learn more about the message.

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