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July 11, 2018

Was this content helpful? The Catalog Path can be changed with BEutility. An Inventory of all the media which constitutes the Backup set is important to correctly catalog. Right-click the tape and select Catalog. I did a manual inventory and catalog and found more dates show up.

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Right-click it and choose Catalog. Backup Exec Database Backup exec catalog the top level information Catalogs folder default location: Processed 2 bytes in 1 second. Paste all of the items in the folder.

FH files contain the info about what files backup exec catalog backed up to that Backup server. V – The data being read from the media is backup exec catalog.

This option only applies to Catalog operations. Symantec Backup Exec has a utility to export the contents of the Backup Exec Catalog file to a text file.

In the Catalog path field, browse to or type the new path in which to store catalogs. Visit Our Social Dashboard.

Having the Use storage media-based catalogs backup exec catalog box cleared is very useful when cataloging media written by other backup software applications. One can easily find out the backup set that is missing media. Just before this error in the Job Log, check the media which was mounted. Veritas does not backyp the accuracy regarding the completeness of the translation. When you enable Granular Recovery Technology GRT for Exchange, SharePoint, or virtual machine backups, a catalog operation runs immediately after the backup operation by default.

This is the default path where Data and Catalog backup exec catalog.

Restore jobs and the catalog | Symantec Backup Exec

Support Knowledge Base How many days will Backup Exec store the catalogs on a media server? Backup exec catalog recommends the Backup Cstalog Utility be used to change the location where catalogs are stored.

Set default language Backupp you wish to save this as your future site? If you uncheck Request all media in the sequence for catalog operations, then you cannot select the Use storage media-based catalogs check box.


Using Windows Explorer, navigate to the directory in which the catalogs backup exec catalog currently stored. There can be multiple folder with other BE server names if:.

backup exec catalog Set default language Do you wish to save this as your future site? To Catalog a tape: This change is not retroactive. Right-click the tape and select Catalog This will add the directory structure of the data on the tape to the cafalog tree.

Moving the Backup Exec catalogs to a new directory

Catalog is generally backup exec catalog when you insert a tape into your tape drive or library that Backup Exec has not previously seen or contains a backup from another office. Is backing up the Backup Exec Catalog Files helpful?

Click ” yes” on the prompt, if one comes up. Can Backup Exec Catalog Files be truncated automatically? When a storage device is fully cataloged, you backup exec catalog do the following: If the Use storage media-based catalogs check box is not selected during a catalog operation, all files on the tape must be read file-by-file exdc create a new catalog.

All about Backup Exec Catalogs

Launch backup exec catalog BE console and navigate to the Catalogs settings: If the catalog files are set to truncate by default, they are not then only the FH files are deleted.

It runs once every 24 hours for all incremental backups and differential backups, even if you schedule more than one GRT-enabled job to run in backyp hour period. Backup Exec must catalog this backup set using backup exec catalog file-by-file cataloging method.